Ok so one of the things I wanted to do was to create a list of changes and improvements that will help us lead more natural, healthy lives.  I am sometimes non-commital so I figure if i put it out there for the world to see, I have to live by it (I think it’s my integrity that makes me scared to commit but that’s an Oprah [oh how sad, there’s no more Oprah] for another day.  My list will probably change and you’ll notice that a lot of these things are seriously vague (please see #13-geez louise).  But I’ll be more specific once I’m ready to start tackling them.  Big breath…here we go:

  1. Recycle more, throw away less
  2. Reduce the number of one-time use bags we use
  3. Stop using SLS based shampoos and soaps (for baby too) – this means no ‘poo!!!
  4. Begin using a natural toothpaste
  5. Eat homemade meals at least four nights each week
  6. Reduce our water consumption
  7. Use primarily cloth/hybrid diapers until our baby is potty trained
  8. Reduce electricity consumption in the house
  9. Compost (this will be tricky as we have no yard)
  10. Limit fast food to once a month
  11. Limit soda to once a month
  12. Reduce the amount of high fructose corn syrup in my diet
  13. Exercise
  14. Switch to cloth wipes
  15. Drink more water (because I needed a nice round number)

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  3. So I have found that the natural toothpaste works fine – any ideas on natural deodorant? Even the extra strength natural stuff is no bueno!

    • Ahhh…yes..stinky pits. A tough opponent for natural ingredients to battle. I started looking into this but didn’t get very far. What I was looking for was something without Aluminum Chloride, not sure what your requirements are but it’s hard to find natural antiperspirants but there are deodorants. I’ve heard that Tom’s is really not good (great for toothpaste, sucktastic for deodorant). So I looked a little more and found a few but haven’t tried any myself. A few worth exploring (and maybe trying first on the weekend so you’re not all Gorillas in the Mist stinky at work):

      Weleda Deodorants – comes in a spray bottle
      Herbal Clear Deodorant stick
      Naturally Fresh
      JASON deodorants

      All of these are available on Amazon so I would read through the comments and see if any appeal to you based on what you’re looking for. I’d love to hear what you find. Good luck – love that you’re going natural where possible! Please just draw the line at going tutti in the forest. 🙂

  4. Great suggestions! I will try and let you know. So far I have tried Toms 24 hour protection and it only lasts for 2 hours on my Indian armpits which makes my hubby so thrilled. Thankfully I have not restored to tutti in the forest yet unlike some other people I know. Hehe.

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  8. A health food store, like whole foods, Harris teeter, local and organic farmers market, the vitamin shoppe, gnc, amazon, and others all have exactly what you guys are looking for, especially whole foods, that place is a a temple for all the granolas. Also replace and buy or make your laundry detergent, soaps, and cleaning items, Castile soap solves a lot of problems. Btw the more soda you drink the more you crave, the phosphorous acid melts your teeth, (and your clogged toilet, i used it today, it works..), the aspartame in coke gives your brain cells a buzz, right before it kills them off, never to be replenished. How I got rid of all the chemicals in my home was after all the research on skin and how a simple perfume has 250 cancer and lung disease causing chemicals, I sprinted downstairs, grabbed a huge garbage bag, and picked up everything from non beeswax candles, to every makeup and bath and body works item to wax, shower items, shampoo, conditioner, EVERYTHING. I couldn’t believe the government doesn’t protect us from all of this at all, and neither does the FDA, so from there I took the bag and put it into a corner of my garage with all my hair tools and such and never looked back. It’s been 5 months since my 15th birthday, and I feel like I’ve grown 10 years beyond myself. Let me tell ya, with the detox and aloe Vera, and eating clean, I no longer really need deodorant, and don’t smell bad, have lots of energy, and my anxietys gone. I use only herbal, natural, and organic products and foods. Sorry, I should get my own blog. Just wanted to say, if you have any questions I could suggest something, otherwise, I’ll be here learning more from your site.

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