Meal Plan Monday – Week of October 28, 2012

First, an update on last week.  The bad news is that I totally did not stick to the meal plan last week.  The good news is that we still ate dinner at home four times – ya!  In addition to the usual perks to eating at home (healthier foods, money saved, confidence, pride, etc), we had the added bonus of always having food to eat for lunch the next day.  This means I didn’t do a whole lot of driving thru to get me some lunch after picking up Miss K. from school.  Yay us!  I had made a big ol’ pot of chili and for whatever reason, I REALLY enjoyed it this week.  I think I had it for dinner twice and lunch twice.  And I still have 3 servings in the freezer for later.  That’s a winner this week.  Also, one day things got hectic so I was going to just say ‘eff it-let’s go out’ but then realized that making sandwiches would take literally less than ten minutes and I just needed to make a quick run to the market to pick up some soup and we’d have dinner.  The trip to the grocery store is closer than most restaurants, so why not?  So that was another dinner.  The third surprise was that I thought the hubster was going to be home late on Friday but he ended up coming home earlier than expected.  So I was a little panicked because I put off starting dinner and considered asking him to pick something up on the way.  But we pulled off making some seitan and had dinner on the table without it getting too late.  Yay!  So it ended up being four days at home and a little confidence boost/reminder that I can make dinner at home.  Yay.

So I’m not sure what’s going to happen this week but here’s the plan:

Sunday:  Went out for pizza

Monday:  Enchiladas and Guac

Tuesday:  Pad Thai & Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday: Out

Thursday:  Quinoa bowls (also poker night for the hubs)

Friday:  Out

Saturday:  Going to my mom’s house to celebrate Diwali (mom’s food is always homemade so I think it counts!)

Meal Plan Monday

What’s this???  A meal plan monday post?  Oh my, it’s been a long long while since I did this.  We are loooonnngg overdue.  Admittedly I have not been the most diligent cook but I’m ready to get back on the horse.  The goal?  Eat at home four days this week.  That’s it.  So here’s the plan (hopefully I can make it to the market in the morning while Miss K. is at montessori):

Sunday: Chinese Take-out

Monday: Vegetarian (and actually vegan!) Chili & Cornbread (if I can find a vegan mix or recipe)

Tuesday: Soup and Sandwiches

Wednesday:  Tofu and Veggies in Ginger/Garlic Sauce

Thursday:  Out

Friday:  Pad Thai – I’m not sure how this will do with my blood sugar, but I’ll give it a try

Saturday: Out

Meal Plan Monday – Week of May 13, 2012

We did pretty good last week; for the most part we stuck to the meal plan!  It felt good to cook at home again but I will admit – towards the end of the week, things started to fall apart.  Let’s review, shall we?  On Sunday, I made a big ol’ pot of chili and some cornbread.  I liked both and the chili came in handy for left overs.  Miss K. liked the cornbread too.  On Monday, we tried a new recipe (Flash-blasted Broccoli and Feta Pasta) that included spaghetti, feta, broccoli, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and some other things.  We both thought it was pretty good and agreed that we’d add it to the list of dinner possibilities.  Tuesday we had Chole, Chicken and Rice from Trader Joe’s.  It was decent, actually.  Wednesday we had another spaghetti dish (oops, didn’t think it through when making the meal plan last week!), this time with an Asian twist.  The intent was to do as one of the reviewers said and swap out the egg with some tofu.  I had both Kale and tofu to use up but I ended up sticking with the recipe on this one.  Another keeper!  Outside of the sodium in the soy sauce, it’s a pretty healthy meal.  I was supposed to make quiche on Thursday but realized I didn’t have phyllo dough that afternoon so we went out to dinner and I made the ol’ standby quiche on Friday instead.  Baby loved it.  Saturday we just cleaned up the refrigerator some and ate some pizza we had picked up earlier.  Our meals were decent in terms of healthy foods, so I’m proud of us!

This week is a little more hectic and we’ll be eating out more:

Sunday:  Indian food at my mom’s house.  It was mother’s day so I really should have made her dinner but we ate up there instead.

Monday:  Enchiladas, guacamole, and spinach salad

Tuesday:  Tofu nuggets & dipping sauce, brussel sprouts, and salad/fruit

Wednesday:  Hubby is out of town

Thursday:  Not sure but since we didn’t make quinoa bowls last week, I’ll throw it in here for kicks.  I say I’m going to make these all the time but it seems like I never do.  We’ll see what happens

Friday:  traveling, so we’ll be eating out

Saturday: traveling so we’ll be eating out

Meal Plan Monday – Week of 5/7/2012

Holy smokes has it been a crazy few weeks.  First our Disney Cruise Vacation, then we came back and baby and I got CRAZY sick, then my husband started getting sick, then we attended a five event wedding extravaganza week where I was one of the bridesmaids and along the way we found out that our baby has Shiga toxins from e. coli.  It’s been nuts.  The last several weeks have not been exactly stellar in the areas of making our own meals, staying away from fast food, or avoiding high fructose corn syrup.  But it’s time to get back in the saddle again.  I’m feeling better – just have the lingering cough and occasional runny nose, which makes it easier to deal with any residual crankiness that the baby needs to get our of her system.  The house is slowly but surely recovering from the whirlwind that hit it and hubby will be better soon too.

Step one of getting back on track is eating our meals at home again.  So here’s the plan:

Sunday:  Chili, Corn Bread & Fruit – made a big batch of chili and topped it with some fresh avocados.  Some we ate, some we’re eating for lunch, and some we’ll freeze for a future dinner.  We picked up some strawberries and they were a tasty post-dinner treat.

Monday:  Flash Blasted Broccoli and Feta Pasta.  This will help clear out some ingredients that I’d like to use up and will keep us away from greasy foods that will irritate my husband’s throat as he recovers.  I like that the ingredients include both broccoli and spinach (and red pepper flakes and sun dried tomatoes – yum)

Tuesday:  Chole, Rice and Chicken – got this pre-made meal from Trader Joes and need to use it!  If I’m feeling inspired, maybe I’ll make some raita and get some papad to go with it. 

Wednesday: Asian Kale Noodles with Tofu (trying to use up both kale and tofu!)

Thursday:  Vegetable Quiche 

Friday:  Quinoa Bowls – Going to use dry black beans for this and bust open our new bag of quinoa.  Can’t believe we blew through a whole four pound bag!  Yay us!

Saturday:  Either left-overs if there are any OR go out.

Wish me luck!

Meal Plan Monday – Week of April 8, 2012

I really had a hard time figuring out what to make for dinner this week but since I needed to get out of the house for a bit this morning, I forced myself to make some decisions and just move forward.  Let’s hope it’s a yummy week.

Sunday:  Carrot & Ginger Soup, Sandwiches, Brussel Sprouts, and Fries.  In-laws came over for dinner and my MIL asked for something easy like grilled cheese.  Hubby preferred veggie tapenade sandwiches so I made those instead (MIL had an upset stomach and decided to eat something else instead).  I felt like eating fries but thought I should use these sprouts too so the next thing you know, we had a bunch of food on the table.  AND I made some veggie pasta for the babe.  Lots going on at dinneroo last night!

Monday:  Quiche – I usually use puff pastry as the crust of our quiche but I’m going to try to use phyllo dough instead to cut back on the saturated fat.  Everyone seems to like quiche so let’s hope this doesn’t ruin it.

Tuesday:  Quinoa burgers, salad, fruit, and maybe some more fries!

Wednesday: Out

Thursday: Enchiladas

Friday: Hot and Spicy tofu, Rice and salad

Saturday:  Out



Meal Plan Monday – Week of March 25, 2012

Another week of eating out way too much.  🙁  Gonna get back on track this week for sure!  Here’s the plan:

Sunday:  Uh, ya.  Went to Maggiano’s and had two gazillion calories.  Do I get any points for not ordering dessert?  Ya, didn’t think so.

Monday:  Fideua & Mashed Cauliflower

Tuesday:  Eggplant Parmesan, Salad, and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday: Quinoa Bowls & Roasted Fennel

Thursday:  Soup & Salad

Friday:  Vegetarian Egg Rolls, Cucumbers & Spicy Garlic Broccoli

Saturday:  Out?

The goal is also to not eat out during the week.  Stick to left overs when possible!  Unfortunately today’s left overs were from Maggiano’s.  Technically I “ate at home” but the food wasn’t homemade.  Bleh.  It was pretty good, though, and baby seemed to like it too 🙂  Let’s do this!

Monday Meal Plan – Week of March 4, 2012

We’ve had a good run of eating at home, the last couple weeks, I’m proud to say.  Last week we ate at home every weeknight (only went out on the weekends) and the week before, I cooked six days in a row!  Yay for us!  The plan is to keep up the trend by keeping things simple in the kitchen but trying some new things.

Sunday:  Fideua is a Spanish dish that was vegan and actually pretty good, if I do say so myself.  It’s made with soy chorizo, onions, angel hair pasta, tomato sauce and mushrooms.  I halved the recipe that served eight but we ate it all up.  Maybe it’s not supposed to be a main dish but we’ll be treating it that way.  Yum.  Adding it to the ol’ rotation.  Here’s what it looks like.  Que bonito, no?


Monday:  Quinoa Khichadi.  Made this a few weeks ago and I’m going to give it another try to see if I can fix some of the imperfections.  I’d like to try to make one indian dish for dinner each week.  I feel like I need to learn how to cook that kind of food in case our folks need me to.  I technically know how but I have no confidence and haven’t regularly been around indian food in 10 years.  So it’s time.

Tuesday:  Hubby will likely have a work event to attend so baby and I will figure something out on our own.  If we don’t have leftovers, I’ll do something quick and easy.  Timing will work out well because I’m actually going to be making an extra meal for one of the Moms in my MOMS club who just had a baby a few weeks ago.  It’s an awesome way that moms help one another out, because it’s not easy dealing with food stuff when you just had a baby.  Although I saw this mom last week and she had her stuff together.  She looked great!

Wednesday:  Pizza and Salad (and maybe some asparagus I need to use up)

Thursday:    Soup and Sandwiches.  I know it’s crazy but my husband keeps telling me how much he likes it so it’s a quick go-to that is easy on the waist, the wallet, and the effort scale!

Friday:  Black beans and Rice – my husband and I were talking about food he likes and he’s a simple guy.  Just wants some basic foods and this is one that he requested.  I am going to buy some dried black beans and soak them.  Also have some soy chorizo left over from the Fideua that I’d like to use up.  Win-win!

Saturday:    Maybe we’ll go out and I’ll take a break from cooking

What’s on the menu for your family this week?


Meal Plan Monday – Week of February 19, 2012

Last week was a bear.  There, I said it.  It started with a very romantic Valentine’s Day dinner that I made for our little family.  I followed this up with a dessert of nausea, vomiting, chills, sweat, achiness, and a headache.  I’m sure my husband found me tres attractive.  Actually the most romantic part of the evening was that he took care of everything (cleaning up and posting on the other blog) and took care of me too.  So nice.  Luckily he worked from home the next day and that let me rest and on Thursday, I was feeling much better.  Unfortunately on Thursday night, he was not.  It was his turn.  We weren’t sure if it was some sort of food poisoning or if it was the flu until he got it and had an achy body, chills, etc. also.  His seemed to be more severe, though, and it wiped him out most of Friday, into Saturday.  Unfortunately this messed up his plan of running a half marathon on Sunday.  Boo.  And did I mention Miss K popped another tooth?  We couldn’t tell if it was the tooth or if her milk allergy is back or if she was sick, but she was F-U-S-S-Y and sadly inconsolable.  I felt so bad for her.  She was throwing up milk a little here and there, she was crying and crying for no apparent reason and she wasn’t sleeping well.  Our biggest fear was that she had what we had.  But it looks like it was mostly her tooth and it seems she’s caught a cold.  Poor little dumpling.  All this sickness made it tougher to cook at home.  Let’s see, we had Rice, Dal, and Raita, Quinoa Burgers, Veggie Mac n’ Cheese, and ate out pretty much ever other night.  Eeks.  Working on making this week different.

Sunday:  Enchiladas with Veggie Shreds cheese.  Cheese was a little weird.  I think we’ll stick to the real deal.  We hardly ate any enchiladas, mostly because we had a monsterous late lunch in Pasadena before coming home on Sunday.  So now I have eight enchiladas to eat over course of this week’s lunches.

Monday:  Vegetarian Chili and Apples.  Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Avocado, and Cheese for Miss K.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, and Pasta Salad.  I’ve never actually made spaghetti squash so I’m kind of excited to try it.

Wednesday:  Gonna make that ten bean soup from a dry mix from last week.  Will serve with sandwiches.

Thursday:   Hubby is heading out to hang out with the guys to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Friday: Spinach, garlic, onion, tomato and cheese omelets

Saturday:   Some friends are coming over and I have yet to decide what we’re having.  Better hop on that.

Meal Plan Monday – Week of February 12, 2012

We out a LOT last week.  Three birthday dinners for my husband, breakfast from a bakery, and three lunches out…all between Friday and Sunday.  Geez Louise.  While all that food was fun and delicious, both hubby and I are feeling gross.  Time to see what we can do about fixing up our habits.  I have a bunch of vegetables that are just losing their nutrients in the refrigerator, waiting to be eaten!  Must do something about that pronto!  I don’t know that I’ve ever really used the word pronto before.  It’s cheesy.  I like it.

I was kind of happy about the meals that we DID eat at home though.  I was confused about what to make (Did I do a meal plan last week?  If I didn’t I didn’t follow it at all) so I threw together some meals.  I made a spicy pasta dish without a real recipe…I just made a sauce with Rotel tomatoes and chilies, olives, pasta sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic and onion and then tossed with pasta and tofu.  My husband actually liked it!  Yay!  And then I made a quinoa kichadi, with peanuts, chillies, spices, quinoa, and potatoes.  Mixed it with a yogurt sauce made of pepper, yogurt, sugar, salt and peanuts.  I was trying to emulate a kichadi that my mother-in-law makes.  It wasn’t nearly as good as hers but it wasn’t bad!

Here’s the plan-o, Dan-o:

Sunday: Lucille’s…oy…such exciting foods to order.  But I did pretty good.  Got a salad without the chicken (leaning vegetarian these days) with the dressing on the side.  I did, however, split a huge biscuit with my daughter and had a watermelon jalapeno margarita.  If it counts for anything, it was on the lite menu.  🙂  And come on, with a description like that, there was no way I was staying away from it!

Monday:  Quinoa burgers, and Broccoli.  Saw this on pinterest and was intrigued.  The blogger seemed to love it so I thought I’d give it a try.  AAAAND we’d be using some of that quinoa we have.  Ya, I bought a three pound bag, in case I hadn’t mentioned it.  I do want to make quinoa once a week.  It’s a great protein source and so much better for you than rice or pasta.

Tuesday:  Enchiladas of Love with veggie cheese instead of cheddar.  We’re cutting back on cheese at home and when you combine this with vegetarian meals, it can become a bit dicey because everything we love has cheese!  But I wanted to see how this tasted so I picked some up at the store.  I figured even if the cheese is grody, we know we’ll like the enchiladas!

Wednesday:  Soup and Sandwiches.  Last week I picked up some 10 bean soup mix from the bulk bins at Sprouts.  the problem is that the mix only has beans.  And no instructions (DRAT!) so I’m going to try and make some nice veggie soup with it.  All the suggestions I’ve received from my “cooking for your family” board includes ham.  I’m going to not use ham (see above where I mention the vegetarian eating at home).

Thursday:  I think hubby has poker night so baby and I are on our own.  I just discovered today that she loves Trader Joe’s veggie burgers so maybe we’ll make that and some baked sweet potato fries.

Friday:  Rice, Dal, and Raita.  A simple dinner.  I bought some premade dal and we’re going to give it a try.  If it sucks, in the future I’ll work on just making plain ol’ dal like my husband likes.

Saturday:  Eating out


Meal Plan Monday – Week of 1/29/12

Last week we tried making vegan dinners all week.  It required more thought that I expected.  While we’re probably 90% vegetarian with our dinners, we use a whole lotta cheese and butter, it turns out.  So I was confused on what to make.  I tried a new recipe for avocado pasta (sounds like a strange combo, right???) that was DEEEE-licious.  If you like avocados, you’ll probably like this one.  It was so simple – the only ingredients were avocado, salt, pepper, cilantro and pasta.  Definitely a keeper.  My only complaint was that I used our blender to cream the avocado into a sauce and it was hard to get all the sauce out.  It looks a little funky since it’s a green sauce but it was really good – fast, filling, and relatively good for you.  Next, I tried a hot and spicy tofu recipe.  I don’t know how many dozens of tofu recipes I’ve made over the years because I haven’t been able to find a go-to spicy recipe that we actually like.  Well, I think I’ve finally found it on  Hubby thought it was a little on the sweet side so I’ll just cut back on the brown sugar next time.  Yay!  I also made a potato curry.  Frankly it sucked.  And I made a big mess while preparing it.  And it made my house smell for days on end afterwards.  The trifecta of a dinner failure.  Tossed that recipe out.  Well, figuratively, not literally.  What else did we make?  Oh!  Our usual quinoa bowls, but with vegetable broth and no cheese.  Friday we went out and Saturday we ended up going to Santa Barbara to see the in-laws.  I’m so proud of my husband for sticking to his vegan diet all week!

This week, we’re not eating 100% vegan but we are going to stick to vegetarian meals while going easy on the cheese(y).  So I’m still looking around for what types of things I can make and unfortunately we have some plans this week that will make it hard to eat at home.

Sunday:  Refrigerator clean up

Monday:  Hubby met up with a friend and baby and I had mac n’ cheese with veggies mixed in.  She seemed to like it but it looked like something in it was turning her cheeks red so I stopped feeding it to her and gave her some black beans instead.

Tuesday:  Vegetarian Chili

Wednesday:  Puff Pastry samosas

Thursday:  Vegan Pesto Pasta & Salad (or omlets, we’ll see)

Friday:  Hubby’s working late and has to be at the office – don’t know when he’ll be home.

Saturday:  Hoping to be out celebrating a friend’s birthday.