Language Development

Seeing language emerge from a little person is so incredibly interesting.  Our older daughter has been speaking for a while now and I’m so scared we’re going to forget how incredibly funny and cute she is.  So I thought I’d capture some of it here.


1. Zeebie.
Translation: Zebra
Until she was about 22 months old

2.  Da-ee
Translation: Daddy.
Started at around 16 months.  Still going strong at 26 months

3.  Pick it up!
Translation: Pick me up.

4.  Wan Come wit Me
Translation:  I want to come with you

5.  Where are you Da-ee?  Da-ee where are you?
Translation: Come back daddy.  Used incessantly when Daddy leaves without her.  🙂

6.  What song is this Mommy/Daddy?
At 26 months, Miss K. is asking this over and over again in the car.  Sometimes she’ll ask the question several times in the span of a single song.

7.  Can I has a Vi-C Momma?
Translation: Do you want a vitamin c momma?

8.  Oh no!!!!!
Miss K gives THE MOST woeful Oh no!!!!  It’s adorable.  She’s been doing it since she was around 20 months and we love it.

9.  When I tell her she’s cute, Miss K has answered with “I know that” several times.

10.  Heddo?
Translation: Hello?
Still going strong at 26 months

11.  Paya –>  Poopaya —> Papaya.  It’s a progression

12.  For some reason, Miss K has been thanking me for weird stuff:  “Thank you mama, for cleaning the table.”

13.  Puputer (computer) and Ottertainers (for when her dad plays The Entertainer on the piano)

14.  Miss K has been opening the refrigerator and asking “What Neeni want?”

15.  “Happy Annigrocery!” to my parents on their anniversary  She was 27 months.  By the time we had ours in August, she was clearly saying Happy Anniversary.  🙁

16.  “Happy Father’s Day, Da-ee!”  It’s August 2013 and she’s still wishing me a happy birthday and him a Happy Father’s day almost everyday. The really cute part?  She also wished my dad a happy father’s day randomly; she understands who gets wished a happy father’s day.

17.  At 30 months, she’s starting to sing regular songs on the radio.  She surprised me by knowing words to Adele’s Rumor Has It and Next to Me.

18.  At around 28 months, she started using words like otherwise, because, instead, also, probably.

19.  At 29/30 months, she still says “See you to you later!”

20.  August 2013 – She calls us “My Mommy” and “My Da-ee” so she’ll say things like “what are you doing, my da-ee?”  or “Sia’s waking up, my mommy!”

21. December 2013 – Sadly can now correctly pronounce sky, squirrel, scuttle, skunk.  Used to say ky, kwurl, cuddle, and kunk!

22.  October 2013 – started telling her simple version of jokes: “I’m going to wear pajamas to school today!” – she says this daily and then laughs hysterically afterwards.  She asked her dad what was black and white and inside his jacket.  The reply?  A skunk!!!  Hahahahaha.  She thought it was hilarious.  She also likes to say I’m a squirrel with a bushy tail.

23.  We saw a dog.  She said “he’s so cute!  I want to take him home.” So I asked her what she’d do with the dog at home.  “I’ll feed him.” So I asked what she’d feed the dog.  “Bones.”  Pause.  “Do we have any bones, my mommy?”  🙂

24.  EVERYday when I pick her up from school, Karina yells “Mama Llama!  You came back!”

25.  Unprompted: “Shane is a nice boy. He’s a cute little monkey”

26.  Uses the word “constructure” instead of structure.  “momma, I climbed the constructure!”

27.  February 2014 – favorite joke: knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Undies! (she says all of this – no need for us to say “who’s there?”

28.  “God shed his grace zombie and crown thy good with brozerhood”


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