My baby kinda looks like…(the 2014 edition)

Back by popular demand (not really, I think I’m the only one amused by this), I present to you: “My Second Baby Kinda Looks Like…”  A little background on this.  A couple years ago I used to amuse myself by posting pictures of my little one and what she reminded me of.  So my baby kinda looked like Wolverine one day and her Fisher Price Seahorse the next.  My mind is always turning on that but I’ll admit I haven’t had the creative juices flowing enough to keep up with it on a weekly basis like I did for a while.  Now I have a second baby and a whole new type gatorade to quench my thirst for ridiculousness.  So here we go:

My second baby kinda looks like…

George Dub-ya (only smarter.  and possibly more aware of what’s going on in the world.)  ZING!  Heyo!





she just needs a soccer ball and some cleats.  

P3060029…she’s flipping me off and saying “Oh ya?  Well take THIS!”


Super S turned One!

My little girl turned a year old.  Technically it was a month ago but I’ve been having a hard time writing this post.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had some writer’s block or maybe it’s because I didn’t do a photo collage or video so i’m feeling guilty.  So tonight I decided I just need to get something out, even though I know it won’t be perfect.

Miss Sia Nalamwar, in her truest form, didn’t hesitate to let us know she wanted out of the womb.  She did, however, take her time to leave.  When she arrived, she stopped time for me.  All I wanted to do was to hold her and feel her because like I told her when they put her on my chest, I had been waiting my whole life for her.  The day she was born, she just fit in.  She belonged to us.  To our family.


From a really early age (I’m talking four weeks old), Sia has been active with an incredible command of her body.  I remember I put her on her boppy on the floor for some tummy time while doing some laundry.  I walked to my closet to hang up some clothes and I came back to find that she had pushed herself all the way over the boppy and was lying with her face on the carpet.  She was amazing.  And I could tell that she’d have a good sense of humor.  She’s definitely a happy girl and she smiles but there’s something about her that tells me she gets why things are funny.  I remember her little face smiling with her eyes closed when she would hear her sister’s voice.



Some of my favorite parts of her first year were those moments when she’d just let me hold her.  And luckily for me, there were many.  Actually hold on.  I need to correct that statement.  Those weren’t just some of my favorite parts of the last year.  They arre some of my favorite moments from my whole life.  When I’m holding her, Sia makes me feel like there is nothing more right in the world than our family.  She belongs in my arms and I belong in hers.  I remember as a newborn, I would put her high up on my shoulder, patting her back to burp her and she would pat me back.  It was adorable.  Her spark for life shone through at such an early age.

IMG_20130310_155324]IMG_20130310_154244Sia did something for me that I was supposed to do for her.  As her mother, I believe it is part of my job to make her world secure by letting her know, in no uncertain terms, that she is loved.  This little itty bitty dumpling, with no words, made me feel so loved and needed and this shouldn’t be about me but I just need to let it out…this little girl truly loves me.  How?  Why?  I don’t know.  But she loves ME.  And this brought further self validation to my world.




Sia was the great teacher of 2013.  Until she arrived, I had no idea that there was so much love in my heart.  She taught us about being close.  She taught me that I was more patient than I thought.  I didn’t know I could go almost 10 months without getting a stretch of sleep longer than 3 hours.  I didn’t know I could do that without resenting someone.  She taught me that it’s ok to not be a perfect mother.  She taught me that she could figure things out without me sitting down and teaching them to her.  She taught me how to do things with one arm/hand because I spent a whole lotta time holding this little girl.




I loved nursing this baby…feeling her little legs pushing first on my stomach and then on my hips and onto my thighs as she’s grown.  And she loved milk.  At around a year old, she started yanking the flap of my bra down.  It was hilarious.  I guess Li’l Missy knows what she wants!  I loved watching her crawl.  She was so fast.  Pretty much the day she started crawling, she started pulling up.  Her first word was “Hi!”  The sweetest little “hi” you’ve ever heard.  She’s so incredibly special in the way she embraces the world.  You can see the thrill in her eyes and hear the excitement in her squeals when she tries something new.  It’s quite amazing.



The memories that I hope to never forget?  After a long night of wakeups, I would give up at around 5:00 and bring Sia into our bed.  She would need to be near me.  Not just my arm or my leg, but my face.  My child would sleep with her face on my face, or rest her forehead on my chin or my personal favorite – she would actually hold my face in her two little hands and sleep that way.  She accepted me as I am THAT much.  Her little body next to mine, her breath on face (again, she slept with her FACE ON MY FACE). She’s a snuggler…actually, I’d say she is the best snuggler of all time.  When she lays her head on your shoulder – heaven.



You have brought so much sunshine to my life, beautiful little Sia.  Your sparkly eyes, your laugh, your hugs, your smile, your claps of delight, your waves of joy, your splashes in the water, your curiosity, your tenacity…it’s all perfection to me.  I love you so very much.  You make the world so much better and brighter.  I hope one day (if it’s what you want) you will have a daughter so you can understand how much you mean to me.  Thank you for changing my world for the better.




p.s.  I’m having trouble downloading pics so I’m going to have to work on better pictures later.  🙁  We have so many beautiful ones but I can’t access them right now.  Boo.

Product Review: Precious Tummies Food Pouches

I make the majority of food for my baby.  A few months ago, we traveled and because she wasn’t eating a whole lot of table food back then, I picked up some baby food pouches for convenience and so that we would always have food available for her.  She LOVED eating from the pouches so I thought I would pick up some reusable food pouches so that we could have that same convenience but with added bonus of the food being homemade.  I also liked the idea of producing less trash than if I bought more of those pouches.

I looked around on the interwebz and found Precious Tummies Food Pouches.  They precious tummiesseemed like they’d do the trick.  I bought them and have used them a few times.  I was super excited to use them when I got them – the packaging is adorable!  I love the little penguins on the pouches and the box and the girls were both instantly interested in the pouches.  The price point was quite good – $10 for 6 – 6 oz bags.  They’re dishwasher safe and freezer safe, which makes life easier.  The dishwasher safe part was particularly helpful because otherwise it would be kind of hard to get all the little corners clean.  These pouches (unlike most) are top loading so theoretically they can stand up on their own while you’re loading them and I guess they’d be less likely to leak since the opening is at the top, not the bottom.  And of course, I love that you can save money with them.  I don’t recall ever seeing pouches for less than $1 each.  They include an extra cap, which I totally appreciate and the zipper is nice and tight – I would not expect these to leak.

Unfortunately there were more things that I disliked than liked about them, though.  While it’s great that they put a really strong zipper top on the pouch, they’re actually pretty tough to open, especially when you’re washing dishes and your hands are wet.  Because the zip is at the top, it’s harder to clean (smaller opening).  The thing that bugged me the most, though, is there’s no easy way to fill them.  And there are no tips included in the box on how to best fill the pouches.  I had to go on their website.  I tried using several spoons, I tried using a pastry bag and tip, I tried using a funnel (I actually went out and bought a funnel just for these) but all ended up in a mess, wasted food, and a frustrated Crunchycake.  The site recommends that you fill a ziploc bag and snip the corner and fill that way.  Well, that’s extra work AND it doesn’t help my goal of cutting down on garbage.  Also, there were no instructions or info sheet in the box.  Fluke?  Perhaps.  But I want to know if I need to sanitize these and how I should go about doing that.

All in all, these are ok but not great.  I find that I’m not using them as often as I expected.

Update: So these DID leak.  And they’re not getting very clean, even when I wash them really well and then put them in the dishwasher.  I threw them out.  Sorry little penguins.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss K!

Yep, she did it again.  She went and had another birthday and my little baby is now three years old.  And I found myself holding back tears of pride most of the day.  This year instead of having a birthday party, we decided to take her to LEGOland in Carlsbad, CA.  We started out by spending the night at Dada & Dadi’s house and we actually cut her birthday cake in the morning.  She and her dad had picked it out from 85 degrees the day before.


Then off to LEGOland we went.  She really enjoyed it!  She warmed up by playing in the Duplo Playtown and then we spent the rest of the day riding rides, eating, and looking at the incredible structures they’ve built.  I think LEGOland is great for three year olds. We went on a swinging pirate ship ride that was a little too much for her (she was a little scared and said it made her stomach ache) but otherwise loved everything!  She was starting to tucker out at around 2:00 but said she wanted to do more so we stopped and let her get some driving practice at the Volvo driving school.  She was really proud of the driver’s license she got at the end.  It was really cute seeing her drive a little car – she’s never done anything like that before.


After her nap, she said she wanted to go to Islands for dinner so we did and she had a special treat – an ice cream sundae.  She was pretty excited about that.  Her special day was only out-specialed by how wonderful she is.

The next day we met up with some friends and her aunt, uncle and cousin, who were thoughtful enough to bring some special cupcakes to celebrate her birthday at lunch.


And here’s a picture of her at her 3 year check-up:


So now is when I have to gush.  I have to.  I can’t help it.  I am so incredibly proud of this little 37 inch beauty.  She’s changed so much in this last year.  She’s funny – she made up a little joke – “There’s something black and white in your jacket, daddy.  It’s a skunk!”  She’s smart.  She’s reading.  She can identify on a map pretty much all 50 states.  She can recite pretty much all 50 states and she can identify by shape almost all 50 states.  I cannot.  She remembers stuff from months ago…stuff that we were certain she had forgotten.  She learned the gayatri mantra after only hearing it a few times.  She knows her planets and where all her family members live.  She’s adorable with her curly hair and huge smiley eyes.  She loves life – she rarely says no to going somewhere and is always planning where we’re going to go next.  This is nice and all but what really gets me about my sweet little girl is how incredibly loving and happy she is.  Almost anytime we talk about going somewhere, she voluntarily includes her sister.  If you ask her who she loves, she will give you a long list that includes her uncles and aunts, cousins, and grandparents.  She’s a good big sister.  Sometimes when I’m helping her fall asleep, Super S will start crying from her room and Miss K will say “Can you get Sia?”  One of my favorite things recently is watching Miss K hold Super S’s hand while they slide down the slide.  It’s adorable.  It’s been so much fun being able to now have a conversation with her.  She’s inquisitive and brave and friendly.  And she’s just three.  I love hearing her sing songs, especially the patriotic ones…especially when the words to America the Beautiful include “god shed his grace zombies” and The Star Spangled Banner is the Star Mangoed Banner.  She ordered a beer for her dad at dinner the other night.  That’s pretty awesome.  When I tell her I love her hair, she says “I love YOU” and when I tell her I love her toes, she says “I love YOU” and when I tell her I love her, she says “I love you, too mama” and then I want to fall apart because I don’t understand what I did right to deserve such a beautiful soul in my life.

Before I got pregnant with Karina, I was working pretty hard and I was stressed.  After many successes at my job as an executive, I had been put into a role where it was kind of a no-win situation and I was struggling.  Then we found out we were pregnant.  And suddenly all the noise stopped.  She brought the sunshine back.  I hope to never forget the feeling I had just days after she was born when she, her dad, and I were driving home from Target.  I just remember feeling like there was good in the world.  And that things were right and harmonious and I just had an overwhelming feeling of well being. And I know it’s a cheesy pop song sung by cheesy pop stars but there’s a song that really explains how she changed me.  I’m proud and I’m strong and I can do things that I never thought I could and it started with her.  It’s called Superhuman and it’s by Keri Hilson and Chris Brown.  I know it’s supposed to be a love song but it makes me think of my little girl.

I had been crying and crying for weeks
How’d I survive when I could barely speak
Barely eat
On my knees

But that’s the moment you came to me
I don’t know what your love has done to me
Think I’m invincible I see
Through the me
I used to be

You changed my whole life
Don’t know what you’re doing to me with your love
I’m feeling all Super human
You did that to me
Super human heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you, superhuman
Super human
Super human
Super human

Since I’ve been flying and righting the wrongs
Feels almost like i had it all along
I can see tomorrow
But every problem is gone because
I flew everywhere with love inside of me
It’s unbelievable to see
How love could set me free

You changed my whole life
Don’t know what your doing to me with your love
I’m feeling all Super human
You did that to me
Super human heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you, superhuman
Super human
Super human

Its not a bird
Not a plane
Its my heart and its gonna go away
My only weakness is you
Only reason is you
Every minute with you I feel like I can do

Going going I’m going away
In love
You changed my whole life
Don’t know what your doing to me with your love
I’m feeling all Super human
You did that to me
Super human heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you, superhuman
Super human
Super human

So, to the little lady who changed me in ways that I never imagined, Happy Birthday.  I love you love you, babycakes.


Do I Live With Raccoons?

I didn’t think we had raccoons living in our house.  But the last few days have led me to believe that perhaps we do. Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have anything against raccoons per se, but I just don’t think I’m comfortable with them living in my house.

I have to go off on a tangent for a second here.  Wordpress is flagging that I’m spelling the word “raccoons” incorrectly.  (Tangent off a tangent: It’s now flagging “WordPress” as incorrectly spelled.  Now that’s just stupid). So I asked my husband how to spell it (because he’s smarter than I).  He essentially told me to go f myself and go look it up.  Actually he said “I think you can figure that out yourself.”  But he’s wrong.  That’s why I’m asking HIM.  And he started laughing because I get the feeling he doesn’t know why I would need to write the word raccoon anyway.  He didn’t help me.  And he laughed at me.  And then he asked me if it had one c or two.  I should have told him to look it up.  But I didn’t.  I answered his question.  And what he really doesn’t understand is that the reason we have raccoons is because of him.  Back to the post.

So here’s Exhibit A:  Why is there shredded kleenex all over the couch and floor?  Raccoons.


Exhibit B: There’s rice all over the refrigerator.  And the floor.  The almond milk has been knocked over.  Who would do this?  Raccoons.

Exhibit C:  Who chews sticks of butter?  EFFING RACCOONS.  That’s who.  Yes those are teeth marks.

IMG_20131220_075403I dunno.  I’m starting to like raccoons.  But they owe me some rent.  Cuz it ain’t cheap to live here in La Canada Flintridge.


I Think Baby Led Weaning is Ridiculous

After the initial thrill of starting solids, my younger daughter stopped liking solids.  I had a tough time getting her to eat any purees and whenever I’d try to feed her, she’d grab the spoon and try to feed herself.  So it made perfect sense to me that I should try baby led weaning.  For those of you not familiar, the thought behind baby led weaning is that babies should learn to chew before they learn to swallow, they should feed themselves, and that they should eat what you eat (minus the over-processed, sodium heavy foods).  As long as the baby is able to sit up, feed themselves, and chew, they should be able to do this.  Basically instead of spoon feeding your baby purees, you give them whole foods and you don’t hold off on table foods.  It’s supposed to give your baby the skills to eat themselves and it’s supposed to encourage their own ability to self regulate food quantities for life.

I read the bible on BLW and I tried it.  Here’s why I think it’s ridiculous:

1.  Just because a baby can sit up, doesn’t mean that their stomachs are ready for some of the harder to digest foods that are recommended by the book.  We didn’t start solids until six months for both of our girls.  They both had allergies and we didn’t want to push their digestive systems too early.  I found that the little one would get constipated when I’d let her eat things like bread.  The book sort of walks you through what’s appropriate at what age but honestly, I think people just hear that you can feed your baby what you eat and they don’t use good judgement.  I’ve heard of people giving their babies Cheetos!

2.  It makes a huge effing mess.  Babies + solids = mess.  I get that.  BUT baby led weaning makes things so much worse.  She basically threw her food around and smooshed it in her fingers and splattered it all over her clothes.  The book even says to expect it.  But it’s really no fun to have to clean up the booster, the tray, the chair the booster sits on, the carpet, the dining table, AND the baby every single time we eat.  She doesn’t seem to enjoy a messy meal any more than I do.  So why go through this?  Granted, even when I’m feeding purees, we sometimes have a mess, but at least that’s manageable.

3.  You can’t tell how much they’ve eaten.  Because baby is feeding herself, I constantly found myself wondering how much she actually ate.  I know solids aren’t critical for babies under the age of one, but i do like to have a sense of what she ate. Let’s say I gave her two sticks of steamed zucchini.  After a few minutes, they’d be gone from her tray.  I would get hopeful that she actually ate all of it.  Between the gumming, the throwing, the smashing and the dropping, I was completely wrong.  More often than not, the majority of the food was on the floor or smashed under her legs.

Ok.  So in reality, I did some BLW and some purees and still am.  I do give her a stalk of broccoli and let her go at it; I put peas on her tray and am thrilled at how much she ate and then disappointed when I see its in her seat.  I’ve torn off pieces of bread and let her gnaw on it.  I give her slices of avocado instead of mashing it up.  But she and I love purees too.  I don’t want her to be eating baby food until she’s 2 but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making things a little easier on her and her stomach.  And for the record, I don’t think spoon feeding is shoving baby food down her throat.  I pay attention and when she shuts her mouth or starts to fuss, I listen to her and stop attempting to feed her.  Even when I’m not satisfied with the amount, I let her self regulate.  So maybe I don’t think it’s 100% ridiculous.  It’s just mostly ridiculous.  🙂

The 7th Month for Super S & Miss K’s 32nd Month

These darn kids just won’t stop growing.  Make them stop.  Please!  It was another busy month of development for Super S.  I’m so proud of her.  And Miss K. continues to be awesome.  Here’s what happened this month:

Super S (7 Months):


  • Went from army crawling to full on crawling
  • Is able to go from lying down to sitting up
  • Can pull up to standing
  • Has been waking every three hours at night
  • Weighs 15 pounds 6 ounces at the end of the month
  • Wears 6-9 month clothing
  • Was gDiapers’ profile pic again
  • Follows her sister around everywhere
  • Pulls her sister’s hair
  • Crawls after her daddy
  • Seems to be easing out of her separation anxiety from me.  Some stranger anxiety seems to be setting in (she doesn’t smile at everyone as much as she used to)
  • Can climb up one step
  • Loves playing with the laugh n learn house, the bunny ball, and rattles
  • Sweetest snuggler of all time
  • Can sit in the stroller without the carrierOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Miss K


  • Started school again at the CEC. Has bravely not cried a single time during drop off.  I’m so proud of her.
  • I asked her to spell dog with her magnetic letters.  She sounded out d and got the letter d and put it on the board.  Then she did the same with o but put it in front of the d.  Same with g.  So she spelled god instead.  But then a few days later I asked her to spell zoo and she did so correctly in the bathtub with bath letters!  Yay!
  • Still loves Lightning McQueen.  He is her friend.  Asks me to sing Life is a Highway all the time.
  • Is still an alligator.
  • Naps 1.5-2 hours a day
  • Has been asking to read more science books
  • Went to garba for the first time.  I think it was a little loud for her.
  • Is growing out of 2T clothes and is starting to fit 3T clothes.
  • Has been negotiating more.  “We’re gonna read TEEEEN books.”  “It’s Sunday so we’re going to have ice cream, right?”


Sometimes it’s the little things

Many days I scramble.  I scramble to get food on the table for my family.  I scramble to change yet another diaper.  I scramble to get both the girls bathed and off to bed.  I scramble to write up another blog post.  But sometimes it occurs to me that my little girls deserve to have some fun in their lives for no other reason than they’re little and life is fun.  And little things bring delight.  One of the things that I admire most about my mother-in-law is her ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in the world and to take joy in that.  I have inherited my mother’s ability to work hard but it often comes at the expense of enjoyment.  So the other day, I decided to surprise my little girl with a special breakfast.  It didn’t take much extra time.  Her sister and I didn’t mind eating the “scraps” so that she could enjoy it.

20131003_075755All it took was a cookie cutter that I already had and maybe an extra minute.  Unfortunately when I told her that the hash brown was also Mickey, she paused and looked at it and said “No, it’s not.”  I tried.  🙂

20131003_075840She said she was having breakfast with Mickey.  And then it turned to “I’m gonna EAT you, Mickey!!!”

20131003_075840-MIXOh, that face.  How can I pass up an opportunity to bring a smile to that face?




Mayors Discovery Park in La Canada

While driving down Foothill Blvd in La Canada, I noticed a small sign that said “Mayors Discovery Park” so I figured it was for kids and I wanted to take my daughters there.  Of course it took me over two months to actually do it, but I did.  It was lovely!  The entrance gate is topped with all kinds of spoked wheels.  Miss K and I talked about what kind of vehicles they belonged to – cars, bikes, wagons, unicycles…


20130910_102454When we first got there, there was only one other car in the parking lot and the park seemed deserted.  We walked up to the first handled gate and noticed that the gate was chained up.  Oh no!  I had wanted to take the girls there.  Then luckily I noticed there was another door off to the far left and it was open.  Yay!  So if you visit, don’t be scared off.  Just go ahead.

Inside the gate you see the entirety of the park – it’s a beautiful little space:

20130910_100504There are a good number of tables, relatively clean restrooms (although no soap or soap dispensers – why???), a water feature for kids, a sand area with a buried bridge that can be unearthed, a grassy area and a nice tree-covered area.  Really simple but quite nice.


Miss K. was instantly interested in the water feature and took off to explore.  Luckily you can see your child from any point in the park and it’s enclosed so it’s quite safe.  And since there was no one there, I didn’t have any worries.  She stuck her hands in right away.  Unfortunately she was wearing a long sleeved dress so she was all wet but didn’t mind.


20130910_100808The water feature is decorated with tiled ocean life.  Everything from fish to turtles to octopuses (octopi?) to snakes.  If you’re a toddler, lots of interesting things to look at and talk about.  At first there wasn’t a whole lot of water in the feature.  I was a little disappointed because I had brought a couple plastic eggs to serve as boats.  I thought she’d enjoy racing them.  I needed to use the restroom and when we came back, I noticed there was a whole lot more water!  So I don’t know if the water is on a timer, or if something wasn’t working right the day we went or if my using the restroom signaled something to start the water, but the rushing water made it much more interesting.  We dropped our egg boats in and watched them go!

20130910_100717 20130910_100808 20130910_100743

20130910_101409 20130910_101357She was pink and I was yellow until towards the end when I “accidentally” switched colors with her.  She won!  I took her to the restroom and noticed there was a hand dryer in there instead of towels.  Miss K is usually not comfortable with them but for some reason didn’t mind this one.  I took her dress off and used it to dry the dress some since I still had a couple errands I wanted to run before going home.  Score – who knew the park would also provide an opportunity to get over a fear?!?

It was nice.  Next time I’ll bring some food with us and maybe a towel.  If I worked in the area, I would definitely opt to eat here.  Miss K told me she liked that park so I’ll be bringing her back.  I’m happy to log this one as another happy mini-adventure with my girls.





Cornstarch and Water Sensorial (I’m sooooo cool)

I have been reading pinning a bunch of articles on pinterest about activities for little ones and have been feeling particularly motivated to do these activities with my Miss K since she’s going to be starting school soon.  I worry that she’s bored at home and her development is stalling because I’m often busy with housework or caring for her little sister.  One of the activities that kept catching my eye was doing a cornstarch and water sensorial activity.  They did this at Miss K’s former montessori and it looked like fun.  Today was going to be the day that we did it (I’m so cool).

I read this blog and it looked like the kids loved it!  I’m so cool.  I’m going to do this for my kids.  So I gathered up the requisite materials.  I had a sheet (because I’m so smart) that the girls could sit on.  I poured water into a pitcher and grabbed the cornstarch and a baking pan to mix it in.  This was going to be great!  Miss K was interested in doing a “project” and actually looked up from the iPad when I told her what we’d be doing.


First I let them feel around in the cornstarch.  It’s an interesting texture so I thought they’d like it.  They did.  Cornstarch got on the baby’s face and hair.  I’m not thrilled but I’m ok (I’m cool, remember?)




Then I poured the water in and started to mix it.  Miss K is all up in there, like I hoped she’d be and Super S (who’s 6 months old) is shrieking for some unknown reason but also wants to be all up in there.  This is going to be great!



Miss K says “I need to wash my hands.”  Uhhh…you’re supposed to want to get dirty.  You’re a kid, remember?  I tell her to wait a bit.  Meanwhile the baby is all over the pan and I’m a little concerned she’s going to fall face first into the cornstarch.  She’s still crying and shrieking but still feeling the pan’s contents.  Miss K does what she always does when she needs to wash her hands.  She claps, splatters, and then shakes her hands furiously.  Now the cornstarch is everywhere.


And the baby looks at me like “WTF, mommy?”


Why is everyone freaking out?  Baby is crying.  I go to get a towel to wipe them down a bit.  Miss K decides she’s going to go wash her hands.  Did I mention she’s dripping and shaking her hands all the way to the bathroom?  I stop her and put her back on the sheet.  Baby’s still crying loudly.  Isn’t this supposed to be fun?  I tell Miss K to “WAIT.  STAY PUT.  STAND ON THE SHEET.”  I take the baby in my lap and wipe her down a bit.  I take off my pants because they’re just getting the baby messy all over again.  I look over and Miss K. is drizzling the white goo all over the sheet and its surrounding areas (which, clearly defeats the purpose of the sheet).  And when I make eye contact, she does what she always does when she needs to wash her hands.  She claps, splatters, and then shakes her hands furiously.  She’s been repeating her mantra “I need to wash my hands.” What I don’t understand is that she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it, says she doesn’t like it but then won’t stop putting her hands in it to make more of a mess.

I scoop her up and put her in the bathtub for a water sensorial (if I weren’t so cool, I’d call it a bath but we’ve clearly established that I’m cool).  Without turning on the water, I run back out to the living room, grab her crying sister and rush back to the bathroom.  Again, I have to ask: Why is everyone freaking out? She’s reaching for the faucet fully clothed.  So I help her take off her clothes with one hand (since the other is holding the baby).  The water sensorial is much more successful than the cornstarch  AND water sensorial.

All’s well that end’s well, though, because within 20 minutes of the first picture I took, Miss K was beautiful, back in her element with a book and I had this (oh emmmmm geeeeee.  I love her):


and this (oh emmmmm geeeeee.  I love her too:


but unfortunately I also had this:


I’m so. not. cool.

I’m glad we did it though.  I wish they had enjoyed it more but it’s another adventure we can log in our memory banks.   Stay tuned for the next hare brained adventure from crunchycake!  Oh, and I blame pinterest.  Effing pinterest.  I’m going to do a series of blogposts called “Effing Pinterest.”  It’s ruining my life and the lives of millions, I tell ya.