Do I Live With Raccoons?

I didn’t think we had raccoons living in our house.  But the last few days have led me to believe that perhaps we do. Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t have anything against raccoons per se, but I just don’t think I’m comfortable with them living in my house.

I have to go off on a tangent for a second here.  Wordpress is flagging that I’m spelling the word “raccoons” incorrectly.  (Tangent off a tangent: It’s now flagging “WordPress” as incorrectly spelled.  Now that’s just stupid). So I asked my husband how to spell it (because he’s smarter than I).  He essentially told me to go f myself and go look it up.  Actually he said “I think you can figure that out yourself.”  But he’s wrong.  That’s why I’m asking HIM.  And he started laughing because I get the feeling he doesn’t know why I would need to write the word raccoon anyway.  He didn’t help me.  And he laughed at me.  And then he asked me if it had one c or two.  I should have told him to look it up.  But I didn’t.  I answered his question.  And what he really doesn’t understand is that the reason we have raccoons is because of him.  Back to the post.

So here’s Exhibit A:  Why is there shredded kleenex all over the couch and floor?  Raccoons.


Exhibit B: There’s rice all over the refrigerator.  And the floor.  The almond milk has been knocked over.  Who would do this?  Raccoons.

Exhibit C:  Who chews sticks of butter?  EFFING RACCOONS.  That’s who.  Yes those are teeth marks.

IMG_20131220_075403I dunno.  I’m starting to like raccoons.  But they owe me some rent.  Cuz it ain’t cheap to live here in La Canada Flintridge.


2 thoughts on “Do I Live With Raccoons?

    • In case you don’t read my blog, we have two little ones who are the raccoons. Well, the older raccoon is now almost three so she’s able to open the refrigerator herself and then the little raccoon (10 months old) comes running when she sees the refrigerator open. The picture of her in the refrigerator was after I caught the big one feeding the little one rice. “Do you want some rice, baby sister? Yes? Here you go. It’s yummy!” I asked the older one if she was hungry and if she wanted me to warm up some rice for her but she said no and then went back to eating her cold rice.

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