Food waster? Guilty. So, so guilty.

I saw the following infographic from and started feeing the self loathing tick up.  I am so so SO guilty of throwing away food.

Tackling_Food_Waste_CrisisI think most of my food waste comes from lack of organization.  Meaning, I forget that I have something and then by the time I remember, I’m scared to eat it.  Or I plan on making a meal and I don’t have my stuff together and it goes bad so I toss it.  All bad stuff.  I sometimes read a blog called and she was tired of all the food going to waste in her home and started posting about it on her blog.  Public admission/humiliation goes a long way, folks.  So here’s what I’m going to attempt to do in order to reduce the amount of food we waste in our house:

  • Learn more about “ugly” food vs. spoiled food.  Use food when it’s ugly, thow out food when it’s spoiled.
  • Force myself to get creative with using up food before garbage day.  We now have four people who eat food in this house.  I need to use the food, not waste it.
  • Eat left overs, dammit.  Avoid fast food and just use what we have.
  • Juice up left over fruits and veggies.
  • Make bread crumbs out of old or soon to be expired bread
  • Freeze crap
  • Start a food waste friday post.  Shame myself into wasting less.

Oy.  Let’s do this.  We’ll start next week.

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