gDiapers gPants Collectors Guide – A list of all gPants

I’ve been wanting to put together a collector’s guide that included a full list of all gPants that gDiapers has put out for a while now but hadn’t gotten around to it. The following isn’t complete but I think it’s a good start.  I did my best to get high quality, official pictures but had a hard time finding a few.  If you have any info or pictures that would help fill in some blanks, let me know in the comments section.  Or if you don’t have any info, just tell me your top 3 favorite gDiapers of all time.  Cuz I’m nosy and want to know. I’ll do my best to keep this up-to-date.  And don’t ask me why the spacing is weird on some of this…I can only conclude it’s because wordpress hates tables.  Please, wordpress.  Don’t hate the table.  Hate the game html.  Or something like that.  I’m tired.  And I hate the game, the table and the html.  And possibly wordpress.  No, that’s not true.  Thanks!

Updated as of 5/31/2014

Name Image Original Release Date Sizes
Earth Day 2008  earthday2008 2008  M,L
Fair Dinkum  fairdinkum  Spring 2012  S, M, L
Gaga  gaga  S, M, L
Galactic Blue  galactic  2012  S, M, L
Gallant Stripe  gallant2  Fall 2012  S, M, L
Galley Blue  galley Spring 2011  S, M, L
Gamma Stripe  gamma-stripe-1 Summer 2014 S, M, L
Game Day  gameday2  Fall 2011 S, M, L
Garden Lavender  gardenlavender M, L
Garden Party  gardenparty  Fall 2011 S, M, L
Gauze White  gauze-white-1 Spring 2014 S, M, L
gB  gb  Summer 2012 (UK only)
gBloom (that’s my baby, Miss K in the picture!)  gBloom Spring 2012 S, M, L
gCamper  gcamper2  Spring 2011 S, M, L
gCycle  gcycle  2010  M, L
gDarling  gdarling2  2010  M, L
Genius Blue  gpant_genius_blue_on_baby_thumb  Fall 2012  S, M, L, XL
Gentle Taupe  gentletaupe  Fall 2012 S, M, L
Genuine Vanilla Bean – Green g  genuinevanillag  Fall 2012  S, M, L
Genuine Vanilla Bean – Orange g  genuinevanilla S, M, L
gFleur  gfleur1  Spring 2013 S, M, L
gFlutter  gfluttter  Spring 2011 S, M, L
Giddy Up  giddyup  Spring 2011 S, M, L
Gift of Love  giftoflove  Winter 2012  S, M, L
Giggle Pink giggle
Gingham Girl  gingham-girl-1  Spring 2014 S, M, L
Girls Rock  girlsrock  Fall 2013  S, M
Girly girl Ruffle  girlygirlruffle  S, M, L
Girly Girl without Ruffle  Image not found  S
Girly Swirl  girlyswirl
Girly Twirly  girlytwirly_large_circle  Spring 2012 S, M, L
gJingle  gjingle  Fall 2013  S, M, L
gJoy  gjoy2  Winter 2012 S, M, L
Glacier Blue  glacier2  2010  S, M, L
Glam Black  glam2  S, M, L
Global Blue  globalblue
Global Love  globallove2 2013  S, M, L
Globetrotter Blue  globetrotter  Fall 2011  S, M, L
Glory g  Glory  2009  S, M, L
gLotus  glotus-pant-1 Fall 2013  S, M, L
Go Aloha  goaloha Spring 2013 S, M, L
Go Big  go-big-2 Summer 2014 S, M, L, XL
Go Fish  gpant_go_fish_on_baby_thumb S, M, L
Go Hawaiian  gohawaiian S, M, L
Goddess Pink  girlygirlnoruffle  S, M, L, XL
Going to Grandma’s  goingtograndmas  Spring 2013  S, M, L
Golden Orange  golden  S, M, L
Golly Molly Pink  golly_molly_pink_gpant_on_baby_thumb  S, M, L
Goo Goo  googoo S, M, L
Good Earth  goodearth
Good Fortune Red  gpant_goodfortune_red_on_baby_thumb  Fall 2011  S, M, L, XL
Good Lovin’  goodlovin2 Spring 2012  S, M, L
Good Morning Sunshine  good_morning_sunshine_on_baby_thumb  Spring 2011 S, M, L
Good Natured  good-natured-1  Spring 2014 S, M, L
Good Vibes Boy  goodvibesboy  S, M, L
Good Vibes Girl  goodvibesgirl S, M, L
Goodnight Blue  goodnight  S, M, L
Goodwill Green  goodwill  S, M, L
Gooseberry Purple  gooseberry  Fall 2011  S, M, L
Goosey Grey  goosey  Spring 2012  S, M, L
Got Chocolate  gotchocolate S, M, L
Grab A Wave  grabwave_large_circle  Spring 2012  S, M, L
Graceful Rose  gracefulrose  Fall 2012  S, M, L
Grad Plaid  grad-plaid  Fall 2013  S, M, L
Grandstand  grandstand  Summer 2013  S, M, L
Grass Green  grass  S, M, L
Grasshopper Green  grasshopper  S, M, L
Grassroots Green  grassroots S, M, L
Grateful Red  grateful  S, M, L
Great Orange  gpant_great_orange_on_baby_thumb S, M, L
Great White Shark  great-white-shark-1 Spring 2014 S, M, L
grecian fig  grecian-4 Fall 2013  S,M,L
gRegal  gregal  Summer 2013  S, M, L
greyhound grey  greyhound-2 Fall 2013  S,M,L
Groovy Grape  groovy  Spring 2012  S, M, L
Groundhog Brown  groundhog-brown-1  Spring 2014 S, M, L
Grubby Knees Gray  grubbyknees  S, M, L
gStreet  gstreet2 Fall 2011  S, M, L
gSweet  gsweet  Fall 2012  S, M, L
gTweet  gtweet  Fall 2011 S, M, L
Gulfstream Green  gulfstream-green-1 Spring 2014 S, M, L
Gumdrop  Image not yet found S, M, L
gUniversity  gUniversity  Fall 2012 S, M, L
Guppy Green  gpant_guppy_green_on_baby_thumb  S, M, L, XL
Gurple  gurple Fall 2012 S, M, L
gVeggie  gveggie-pant-1 Fall 2013  S,M,L
gWhat  gwhat2  Spring 2013  S, M, L
Love Me  loveme  Winter 2014  S, M, L
gWords  tinyg_thumb  Newborn, S

And because I’m crazy obsessed with numbers awesome, here’s a link to a spreadsheet that you can use to track how many g’s you have and which ones you need: gDiapersList

5 thoughts on “gDiapers gPants Collectors Guide – A list of all gPants

  1. Today my favorite three are Going to Grandma’s, gStreet, and Garden Lavender. And Globetrotter blue… And gurple…ask me again tomorrow. I might have a different answer and a different understanding of what “three” means.

  2. My youngest has been out of diapers for four years now so my interest has dropped off and I wasn’t planning on updating. Sorry!

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