Big Month

A lot’s been going on over the last 6 weeks and before I forget, I want to jot down some of what’s been going on:

Sia – 4 months

  • Rolled over from back to tummy and tummy to back at three months, three weeks old.
  • began grasping things
  • looking out the window in the car
  • scoots/pushes with her legs
  • profile pic for gDiapers’ facebook page
  • Took her second airplane flight in June to celebrate her Aaji’s birthday
  • 3-6 month clothing
  • follows Karina around the room with her eyes
  • sleep regression!!!! from 7-10 hours per night to much much less
  • fully in medium diapers
  • gnaws on her hand and is drooling some
  • Started sucking her thumb at four months, three weeks old
  • Laughing outloud at four months, three weeks.
  • Enjoys being in the exersaucer
  • Soothes herself to sleep at night but am still working on getting her to go down for her naps more easily

Karina Р29  months

  • Started school again
  • Sounding out words – van, up, box, fox, map, sun, pass
  • Jumped!!!!
  • Started using words like actually, otherwise, because
  • compound sentences
  • climbs in and out of her booster herself
  • modified abc song, makes up songs too
  • Can recite the Gayatri mantra
  • attempting to ride a three wheeled scooter
  • taking forever to fall asleep but at least she stays in bed pretty much all night!
  • Favorite song to sing is “Hurry hurry drive your fire truck!”

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