The Cars

It’s happening.  I think the automobile industry in our country is starting to evolve (finally).  Ever since my husband got us our Nissan Leaf, I am so much more aware of hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles and basically anything that is breaking the mold on the traditional gasoline based car.  There are a few that I think are noteworthy:

The Nissan LEAF



After almost two and a half years of driving our LEAF, we still love it.  It has made us believers in electric vehicles.  My husband says he hopes to never buy another gas fueled car.  I love it too.  Compared to my gas guzzler, the car is quiet, odorless, and smooth.  Whenever I drive the LEAF for more than a day, I find my car to feel so effortful.  Thank you, Nissan, for bring electric vehicles to the masses!  The only part that makes us sad is the inevitable degradation of the battery over time.  We’ve never been stuck by the side of the road without fuel and it’s really exciting to see how many of these are on the road these days.  These are clean burning cars – think of all the pollution we’re saving!!!  Now if we could just get more charging stations…

Tesla Model S
This car is soooo hot.  If it were a person, I would have a crush on it.  I really like the way the car looks and I LOVE how I see them all over the place here in Orange County, California.  Seriously.  I mostly drive in my little town, going to the grocery store, montessori and maybe Target and Costco and yet I see at least three of these everyday (be still my beating heart!)  These come in a couple versions that give a range of 208 miles and 265 miles per charge.  We could easily go to San Diego and back!  No range anxiety here!  And the company is doing extremely well.  They’re posting better than expected profits, are paying back their debts faster than expected and are all around awesome.  They have a great plan to put charging stations in strategic locations that will help facilitate longer range trips in their cars.  That you can use FOR FREE.  So cool.  And like all electric vehicles, we’re saving the earth’s limited resources (well states like California that primarily use wind power to generate electricity are.  Areas that use coal are still using a limited resource) The car is pricy though…the most basic model starts at $63k.

FedEx Electric Delivery Trucks
I’ve also been seeing these guys driving around town:


How great would it be if FedEx was able to phase out its existing fleet and replace it with these?  And then UPS followed suit?  And USPS?  And DHL?  And OnTrac?  gDiapers (yes, they work their way into ALL my posts, it seems) uses a carbon footprint neutral shipping method offered by FedEx.  I wonder if it includes using these guys?

Google Self Driving Vehicles
Although this doesn’t have to do with electric vehicles like the others in this post, I found this awesome.  I was at Target in the Bay Area and saw a Lexus SUV with a crazy contraption on top.

self driving

(Apologies for the not fabulous picture.  I took it from my car with my two girls in tow)

Anyway, the car had a sign that said it was a self driving vehicle, apparently one of the many over-the-top amazing things that Google is playing around with and developing.  While the technology itself is quite amazing, when you stop and think about the possibilities with the application, it’s mind blowing.  The cars are likely to be more efficient and safer, which means they could completely change the way we use cars today.  Maybe communities could share them to take kids to school.  Or employers could offer vanpool type services.  Or they could replace the way cities offer public transportation.  Or maybe they make owning your own vehicle obsolete.  Exciting stuff!

And now here are some of my favorite songs by The Cars.  Because it’s my blog and I can post what I want regardless of whether or not it’s truly relevant.  I love you, 80’s music.

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