A few days ago I had an epiphany.  I realized that the state of my daughter’s hair has a direct correlation to the state of my ire.  The wilder her hair, the more frazzled I am.  So I took some pictures to serve as evidence.

Exhibit A:  Goooooood Morning!  We’re going to the Wild Animal Park today!  Yay!!!!


Fast forward to the end of the day.  Between me and her dad, we spent a good 30 minutes and four separate tries in a public bathroom trying to get her to pee.  She needed to yet wouldn’t.  I also fed her sister and then changed her in the front seat of our car before going into the park.  As soon as I lifted her legs to put the new diaper underneath her, Super S peed all over the changing pad, her fresh (cloth) diaper, her clothes and the pee dripped onto the seat.  Ya, check out Miss K’s hair at the end of the day:


Exhibit B:  It’s a sunny day!  No one peed in their beds last night!  Mommy’s going to do some wonderful crafts and activities with the girls!

IMG_20130508_095007Let’s not talk about what happened by the end of the day.  Let’s just say this picture and her hair is accurate again.


Exhibit C:  Which brings us to today.  Despite multiple middle of the night wake-ups and coming back from feeding an infant just to find a toddler where I normally sleep, today started out pretty good.  Daddy took care of Miss K. so I could catch some extra z’s.  Lookin’ good!

photo (7)I’ll let you guess what today is like.  I took this picture before 10:00 am.

photo (6)I can only conclude that we need to shave Miss K’s head.  A-S-A-Stat.

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