Potty Training – Week 2 (and a half)

Potty training at our house continues.  Miss K. is doing pretty good with it.  In week two, she went three days without a single accident!  Of course then she went three in a row where she had one accident each day…but I do think she’s getting it.  I still have to prompt her to see if she wants to go but it’s hard not to ask her too much.  Especially when I really feel like she needs to go!  The toughest part is getting her to go when we’re out and about. She’s gone in her potty in the car a few times without too much strife but she doesn’t seem comfortable in public restrooms yet.  She’s only done that once.

After going commando for about two weeks, we put her in underwear yesterday and luckily no issues yet.  She doesn’t seem to think it’s a diaper, so that’s good news.  She actually didn’t want to wear the panties at first but then I showed her that I wear them and let her pick out the color she wanted to wear.  Then we put them on and I had her check herself out in the mirror.  Then we went excitedly to go show daddy.  Sheesh…the games we play!  I need to start working on nighttime training and possibly putting her on the regular toilet (with the potty seat on top).  Cleaning a dirty potty is really no fun.  I’m really proud of her catching on at school – yesterday she told her teacher she needed to go and then they caught her a second time before she went.

What sucks is that I find myself really disappointed when she has an accident.  I feel like I failed.  So I have to remind myself that she’s still just getting started and this stuff takes a while.  A friend of ours was telling us that it took them a full two months for their little one to get trained and accidents are still bound to happen.  I’m just glad that it’s the exception rather than the rule.  Go Miss K, go!


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