Before I get too far into this post, I want to confess that I bought a rather large bag of candy to distribute at Halloween.  Not only that but I originally had a smaller bag but swapped it for one with more candy in it.  We just moved a few weeks ago and I don’t even know if we  will get many trick-or-treaters but I cringe at the thought of not having a treat for kids if they come to the door.

This afternoon I heard about this partnership between PopCap and the American Dental Association that got me all excited.  PopCap is a video game company that makes my favorite computer game of all time – Plants vs. Zombies.  It’s a fun little tower defense game where you have to defend your home from various zombies by planting awesome plants that shoot them down.  It sounds lame but it’s game perfection for me.  My daughter who’s not even 22 months yet says the word Zombie and actually kinda loves them.

Anyway, they are partnering with the ADA to “give away FUN instead of candy!”  Basically instead of handing out candy, homes can hand out free game coupons (worth $20!) and collectable trading cards.  How fun!  And how hygienic!  I love this idea.  I originally heard about this on NPR, where they were talking about a survey conducted by PopCap and the ADA that found that kids would be interested in something other than candy for Halloween:

The survey also found that 89 percent of the children said they would still enjoy Halloween – the favorite holiday of 65 percent of the kids surveyed – if there was more emphasis placed on fun and less placed on eating candy. Nearly all said they’d prefer a video game rather than candy while trick-or-treating.

Their campaign is called “Stop Zombie Mouth,” which is awesome.  I just had a little bit of candy and I think I have zombie mouth right now.  They made another ridiculously awesome zombie song too:

So clearly, the right thing to do here is to offer kids the vouchers instead of candy.  I am not a fan of childhood obesity.  I don’t want kids to have nurture the same bad sugar habits as I do.  But I just can’t do it…so I’m thinking for kids who look like they’re 7 or older, I’ll offer them either a voucher or some candy.  Weak, I know.  Kudos to PopCap and the ADA!

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