Cleaning Schedule

I want our home to be one of those homes where you walk in and you just know that the people who live there have their stuff together.  Sadly, it has never been that way for me.  We don’t live in a sty but there’s always *stuff* that needs to be put away and *stuff* that could be better organized and *stuff* that should be cleaned.  I find it so interesting that at work I was able to turn around an ailing department of 100 people and disappointing results but I can’t keep my home neat and tidy.  This just doesn’t reconcile in my mind.

So I figured with a baby on the way and an ever growing disdain for a messy house, I decided to come up with a cleaning schedule to get me started.  It’s certainly not perfect and doesn’t include EVERYTHING but it’s a start.  I figure if I can get these things done, it will help my sanity and leave me feeling comfortable with people coming over.  I also don’t want my life to be consumed by cleaning my house.  There are way more fun things to do.

So here’s my first iteration:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sweep Floors 3x/week x x x
Mop Floors 3x/week x x x
Clean out car 3x/week x x x
Clean Sink Daily x x x x x x x
Clean Dining Room table Daily x x x x x x x
Dust Furniture Weekly x
Clean Outside Bathroom Every Other week x
Clean Master Bath Every Other week x
Declutter Living Room Weekly x
Wipe down kitchen appliances Weekly x
Straighten closet Weekly x
Laundry Weekly x
Vacuum Weekly x
Declutter Master Weekly x
Declutter kitchen Weekly x

I have a clutter problem more than anything else.  Things don’t get disgustingly dirty…they just get messy.  So I wanted to make sure I spent some time each day decluttering the worst offenders – our bedroom, the living room/dining room, the kitchen, and my car.  It’s the clutter that stresses you out and leaves your home looking messy.  When we were in our condo, I think the shortage of space and my lack of discipline really got in the way of a neat home.  Now that we have more space, I’m looking to make sure that there’s a place for everything so everything can end up in its place.

The majority of the house is tile so it gets pretty messy.  Sweeping and mopping ]three times a week might be overkill – twice might be more appropriate.  I thought doing this on separate days might help since it takes a while to get through all of it.  What makes things easy is that I use our vacuum cleaner to sweep and a Shark steam mop to mop.  That thing is awesome.

I chose to lump all my laundry on one day though.  Now that our little one is out of cloth diapers, we have about six loads of laundry per week – two to three loads of colors, Miss K’s clothes, a load of whites and a load of rags.  I wash sheets every other week so that would be another load of laundry too.  Since I do the baby’s clothes separately, it makes things easier when it’s time to put clothes away.  The laundry basket goes straight to the room/closet it belongs.  It also helps that my little one likes to help and is finally helping more than adding time to the chore.  It used to be that she would be THA-RILLED to knock over and undo folded laundry.  But now she actually likes to help me push the laundry basket to the laundry room, load the washer, transfer to the dryer, help me push the laundry back to the room and hand me hangers while I hang clothes up.  She still destroys folded clothes and realistically her help doesn’t speed things up but since I’m pregnant, the help is kind of nice (and the company is great).

I’m really going to need to work on clearing out the sink every day.  In general dishes are washed – there usually aren’t dishes left over night but I dry the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher in the sink.  So what happens is I leave them there to dry and then procrastinate in putting them away and then more dirty dishes end up on top of them and then I have to wash them all over again.  And honestly, you can have a perfectly clean kitchen but if you have a sink full of dishes, it just doesn’t feel clean.  And again, it feels cluttered.

I should also mention that we don’t have a cleaning lady right now…if/when we get one again, I’ll adjust and do away with the bathroom cleaning.  Well, actually, I’ll more likely add daily routines that include wiping down mirrors and bathroom counters, swishing the toilet, etc. so that it’s never super dirty.

What’s not included on this are some daily things like wiping down the kitchen counters, unloading the dishwasher, picking up toys and straightening up my daughter’s room.  Those things should be happening.

What I like about having the schedule is that if I fall behind a few days, my list of things to do to catch up is clear.  It’s not overwhelming to feel like I have all this *stuff* to do.  I’m just getting started this week and already I’m a little behind but I did a lot of catching up today.  I’m hoping to be back on track by the end of the day tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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