What she said

Exactly:  http://www.babyrabies.com/2012/07/a-letter-to-my-51-year-old-self/

Amen.  And yes, I ABSOLUTELY WILL be that fifty-something year old woman who sneaks peeks at moms and their babies.  Excuse me while I wipe the tears and snot from my nose…and shirt…and possibly my toes.  Her post got me.

Especially the part about time moving too fast and wanting to put on the brakes.  Miss K. is suddenly a little girl.  She doesn’t drink from a sippy, she doesn’t sleep in a crib, she doesn’t wear a diaper (well not when she’s awake), she is talking and deciding what she wants to eat…thank god she doesn’t have a credit card otherwise I’m fairly certain she’d be outta here.  Well not really, she REALLY loves her daddy.

I love this time in my life.  It’s flippin’ hard and frustrating but I know that when my daughters and maybe my granddaughters ask me about the happiest time in my life, I will easily say when my kids were little.  It’s what my mom says without hesitation and now I understand why.

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