So Much More Than Just a House (er…Condo?)

A few weeks ago, we moved from our condo to a house a few miles away.  We were tapped out in terms of space at our old place and with the new baby on the way, we needed something bigger.  So we packed up our stuff and moved into a place with an extra bedroom, an additional 800 square feet, and a yard for our punkin to play in.  The house is great – it’s in a fantastic neighborhood and the previous owners did some really great upgrades.  But some part of me misses our old place.

We lived at our place for almost nine years.  My husband and I committed to buy it before we were even married.  It was under construction then and we were so so SO nervous making the decision on whether or not we wanted to take the plunge.  We were intimidated by the mortgage payment and it seemed like a lot of money for a little place with no yard.  We took the leap of faith with the intention to live there for maybe two years and then move into a bigger place.  Well, the market went nuts right after we bought so we didn’t sell and it turned out we COULD afford it and did so a few times on only one income.  I’m proud of us for buying that condo.

I lived longer at that address than any other address in my entire life.  Both sets of our parents were there when we picked up the keys and they were truly happy for us and so proud.  We learned how to be married there…and figured out how to fight and learned what was too much.  I learned how to cook in that little kitchen with the crummy ventilation.  We traveled the world but always were relieved to return to our home, sweet home.  Two and a half bathrooms…we learned that both of us are quite effective at destroying caulking and not being able to repair it.  We found out we were pregnant in that home and eight months later brought our precious baby there from the hospital to spend her first night at home.  We watched her roll over on the carpet upstairs, crawl on the floor downstairs, and then take her first steps there.  We found out we were pregnant again there.  Really, my husband and I grew into full adults and grew together there.

Now that we’re trying to rent it out, it feels strange thinking that someone else will live there.  To them it will probably just be another place they stayed for a while.  But to us, it was our first real home and I’ll always love that little condo, even with its stupid tandem garage.

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