Sometimes You Fall Off the Wagon

And sometimes you fall sooooo far and sooooo hard off of the wagon that you barely remember that you were on a wagon at some point.  I believe I was.  I’m just finding that I don’t really adhere to anything I had set out to do on that wagon.  Based on my original LIST, I’m still cloth diapering and using cloth wipes (although we had to kinda take a break for about a MONTH because Pacific Sales has HORRIBLE customer service and didn’t deliver our washing machine and dryer…which reminds me.  I need to go rip ’em up on  Be right back).  Ok I feel better.  Sorry, back to the subject at hand…We’re still cloth diapering, using cloth wipes, and recycling.  Sigh…sadly I think that’s about it.

We’ve been eating out A LOT.  Like way too much.  And I get fast food all the time, sometimes with soda.  I don’t work out.  I use a shampoo with SLES half the time (depending on what bathroom I take a shower in).  You’ll notice I also don’t blog.  We’ve even been forgetting to take our bags to the grocery store with us.  Sigh.  So so sad.  Oh!  I’m still using a natural toothpaste, so that’s something, right????

I’m not going to make excuses.  I’ve been preoccupied with a very cool project we’ve been working on (I’ll blog about it later) and there’s been a lot going on.  But I need to go back and redevelop all the good habits I was working on before things fell apart.  So here we go again.  And I’m gonna try and blog a couple times a week again.  It’s good for me.  Return of the Jedi.  Here we go.  Let’s hope Jabba the Hut doesn’t show up in my mirror.


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