Meal Plan Monday – Week of May 13, 2012

We did pretty good last week; for the most part we stuck to the meal plan!  It felt good to cook at home again but I will admit – towards the end of the week, things started to fall apart.  Let’s review, shall we?  On Sunday, I made a big ol’ pot of chili and some cornbread.  I liked both and the chili came in handy for left overs.  Miss K. liked the cornbread too.  On Monday, we tried a new recipe (Flash-blasted Broccoli and Feta Pasta) that included spaghetti, feta, broccoli, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and some other things.  We both thought it was pretty good and agreed that we’d add it to the list of dinner possibilities.  Tuesday we had Chole, Chicken and Rice from Trader Joe’s.  It was decent, actually.  Wednesday we had another spaghetti dish (oops, didn’t think it through when making the meal plan last week!), this time with an Asian twist.  The intent was to do as one of the reviewers said and swap out the egg with some tofu.  I had both Kale and tofu to use up but I ended up sticking with the recipe on this one.  Another keeper!  Outside of the sodium in the soy sauce, it’s a pretty healthy meal.  I was supposed to make quiche on Thursday but realized I didn’t have phyllo dough that afternoon so we went out to dinner and I made the ol’ standby quiche on Friday instead.  Baby loved it.  Saturday we just cleaned up the refrigerator some and ate some pizza we had picked up earlier.  Our meals were decent in terms of healthy foods, so I’m proud of us!

This week is a little more hectic and we’ll be eating out more:

Sunday:  Indian food at my mom’s house.  It was mother’s day so I really should have made her dinner but we ate up there instead.

Monday:  Enchiladas, guacamole, and spinach salad

Tuesday:  Tofu nuggets & dipping sauce, brussel sprouts, and salad/fruit

Wednesday:  Hubby is out of town

Thursday:  Not sure but since we didn’t make quinoa bowls last week, I’ll throw it in here for kicks.  I say I’m going to make these all the time but it seems like I never do.  We’ll see what happens

Friday:  traveling, so we’ll be eating out

Saturday: traveling so we’ll be eating out

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