Meal Plan Monday – Week of March 25, 2012

Another week of eating out way too much.  🙁  Gonna get back on track this week for sure!  Here’s the plan:

Sunday:  Uh, ya.  Went to Maggiano’s and had two gazillion calories.  Do I get any points for not ordering dessert?  Ya, didn’t think so.

Monday:  Fideua & Mashed Cauliflower

Tuesday:  Eggplant Parmesan, Salad, and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday: Quinoa Bowls & Roasted Fennel

Thursday:  Soup & Salad

Friday:  Vegetarian Egg Rolls, Cucumbers & Spicy Garlic Broccoli

Saturday:  Out?

The goal is also to not eat out during the week.  Stick to left overs when possible!  Unfortunately today’s left overs were from Maggiano’s.  Technically I “ate at home” but the food wasn’t homemade.  Bleh.  It was pretty good, though, and baby seemed to like it too 🙂  Let’s do this!

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