Meal Plan Monday – Week of March 18, 2012

It seemed like we ate out a lot last week.  It started on Sunday.  We were out all day and went through the drive thru at Taco Bell.  Tried to make up for it by cooking Monday-Thursday but Friday and Saturday got away from me.  I had wanted to clear out some stuff I had in the pantry so I did.  We made enchiladas with fruit and salad on the side, Pad Thai (cleared out the noodles, pad thai sauce, some peanuts) with crispy garlic broccoli and a Spinach Ramen salad (cleared out the ramen noodles – I love this salad but ramen noodles aren’t exactly healthy and man, are they processed), Quinoa Khichadi, 10 bean soup (used a can of Rotel tomatoes with green chiles, an old Knorr soup package I had as well as some dried beans!).  I’m glad.  Next time I make 10 bean soup, I’ll make it with spices from my cabinet instead of the old processed soup packet.  We ate out on Friday and Saturday and on Saturday we ate out at lunch too.  Unfortunately they weren’t just eat outs…they were bad eat outs.  I’m definitely having fast food more often than my goal of once a month.

This week hasn’t been good either.  Went out on Sunday for lunch and dinner too.  Geez.  So we’re going to get back on track starting today.  I wanted to go with the other moms in the MOMS club to El Pollo Loco for lunch but instead came home and had a falafel salad.  It was delicious but ended up being higher in calories than I would like.  Here’s what we’ll be shooting for in our dinner plan:

Sunday:  Ate out.  Fast food.  Bleh.

Monday:  Avocado Pasta and Bruchetta

Tuesday: Pizza (have one last pizza dough mix package I need to use up), Salad and Fruit

Wednesday:  Some sort of light quiche with Asparagus on the side

Thursday:  Poker night

Friday:  Burritos and Salad

Saturday:  Quinoa bowls with spicy broccoli

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