gDiapers 2012 Spring Lineup – Solids

gDiapers released their Spring Lineup last week.  Two new colors and the bringing back of some old faves.  The two new colors are (drum roll please) Goosey Gray and Groovy Grape:

Cute, right?  I wanted that purple after I saw it at the gPhotoshoot back in December but now that I see that gray again, I kinda loves it and will need that one too.  The other colors in the line up are Greatful Red, Great Orange, Good Morning Sunshine Yellow, Guppy Green, Glacier Blue, and Goddess Pink.  They look like this:

They still have the gStyles to release as well as some other special/print diapers to release.  I think the fans are going to like some of what they’re going to be releasing!

The other day I went to the gDiapers homepage and saw that they had added new images and was surprised (and thrilled!) to see that Miss K. are on the homepage!  How exciting!  We’re the second banner.  I’m super excited to represent a company we love and admire.  Here’s what the banner looks like:


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