Meal Plan Monday – Week of February 19, 2012

Last week was a bear.  There, I said it.  It started with a very romantic Valentine’s Day dinner that I made for our little family.  I followed this up with a dessert of nausea, vomiting, chills, sweat, achiness, and a headache.  I’m sure my husband found me tres attractive.  Actually the most romantic part of the evening was that he took care of everything (cleaning up and posting on the other blog) and took care of me too.  So nice.  Luckily he worked from home the next day and that let me rest and on Thursday, I was feeling much better.  Unfortunately on Thursday night, he was not.  It was his turn.  We weren’t sure if it was some sort of food poisoning or if it was the flu until he got it and had an achy body, chills, etc. also.  His seemed to be more severe, though, and it wiped him out most of Friday, into Saturday.  Unfortunately this messed up his plan of running a half marathon on Sunday.  Boo.  And did I mention Miss K popped another tooth?  We couldn’t tell if it was the tooth or if her milk allergy is back or if she was sick, but she was F-U-S-S-Y and sadly inconsolable.  I felt so bad for her.  She was throwing up milk a little here and there, she was crying and crying for no apparent reason and she wasn’t sleeping well.  Our biggest fear was that she had what we had.  But it looks like it was mostly her tooth and it seems she’s caught a cold.  Poor little dumpling.  All this sickness made it tougher to cook at home.  Let’s see, we had Rice, Dal, and Raita, Quinoa Burgers, Veggie Mac n’ Cheese, and ate out pretty much ever other night.  Eeks.  Working on making this week different.

Sunday:  Enchiladas with Veggie Shreds cheese.  Cheese was a little weird.  I think we’ll stick to the real deal.  We hardly ate any enchiladas, mostly because we had a monsterous late lunch in Pasadena before coming home on Sunday.  So now I have eight enchiladas to eat over course of this week’s lunches.

Monday:  Vegetarian Chili and Apples.  Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Avocado, and Cheese for Miss K.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti Squash, Broccoli, and Pasta Salad.  I’ve never actually made spaghetti squash so I’m kind of excited to try it.

Wednesday:  Gonna make that ten bean soup from a dry mix from last week.  Will serve with sandwiches.

Thursday:   Hubby is heading out to hang out with the guys to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Friday: Spinach, garlic, onion, tomato and cheese omelets

Saturday:   Some friends are coming over and I have yet to decide what we’re having.  Better hop on that.

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