Meal Plan Monday – Week of February 12, 2012

We out a LOT last week.  Three birthday dinners for my husband, breakfast from a bakery, and three lunches out…all between Friday and Sunday.  Geez Louise.  While all that food was fun and delicious, both hubby and I are feeling gross.  Time to see what we can do about fixing up our habits.  I have a bunch of vegetables that are just losing their nutrients in the refrigerator, waiting to be eaten!  Must do something about that pronto!  I don’t know that I’ve ever really used the word pronto before.  It’s cheesy.  I like it.

I was kind of happy about the meals that we DID eat at home though.  I was confused about what to make (Did I do a meal plan last week?  If I didn’t I didn’t follow it at all) so I threw together some meals.  I made a spicy pasta dish without a real recipe…I just made a sauce with Rotel tomatoes and chilies, olives, pasta sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic and onion and then tossed with pasta and tofu.  My husband actually liked it!  Yay!  And then I made a quinoa kichadi, with peanuts, chillies, spices, quinoa, and potatoes.  Mixed it with a yogurt sauce made of pepper, yogurt, sugar, salt and peanuts.  I was trying to emulate a kichadi that my mother-in-law makes.  It wasn’t nearly as good as hers but it wasn’t bad!

Here’s the plan-o, Dan-o:

Sunday: Lucille’s…oy…such exciting foods to order.  But I did pretty good.  Got a salad without the chicken (leaning vegetarian these days) with the dressing on the side.  I did, however, split a huge biscuit with my daughter and had a watermelon jalapeno margarita.  If it counts for anything, it was on the lite menu.  🙂  And come on, with a description like that, there was no way I was staying away from it!

Monday:  Quinoa burgers, and Broccoli.  Saw this on pinterest and was intrigued.  The blogger seemed to love it so I thought I’d give it a try.  AAAAND we’d be using some of that quinoa we have.  Ya, I bought a three pound bag, in case I hadn’t mentioned it.  I do want to make quinoa once a week.  It’s a great protein source and so much better for you than rice or pasta.

Tuesday:  Enchiladas of Love with veggie cheese instead of cheddar.  We’re cutting back on cheese at home and when you combine this with vegetarian meals, it can become a bit dicey because everything we love has cheese!  But I wanted to see how this tasted so I picked some up at the store.  I figured even if the cheese is grody, we know we’ll like the enchiladas!

Wednesday:  Soup and Sandwiches.  Last week I picked up some 10 bean soup mix from the bulk bins at Sprouts.  the problem is that the mix only has beans.  And no instructions (DRAT!) so I’m going to try and make some nice veggie soup with it.  All the suggestions I’ve received from my “cooking for your family” board includes ham.  I’m going to not use ham (see above where I mention the vegetarian eating at home).

Thursday:  I think hubby has poker night so baby and I are on our own.  I just discovered today that she loves Trader Joe’s veggie burgers so maybe we’ll make that and some baked sweet potato fries.

Friday:  Rice, Dal, and Raita.  A simple dinner.  I bought some premade dal and we’re going to give it a try.  If it sucks, in the future I’ll work on just making plain ol’ dal like my husband likes.

Saturday:  Eating out


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