Happy Birthday to my One and Only

Today’s my husband’s birthday.  It’s official.  We’ve spent more of our lives knowing each other than not knowing each other.  He’s awesome.  Really really awesome.  So I thought I’d take a quick minute and tell you 35 reasons (one for each year of his life) why I think he’s the best person I’ve ever known (in no particular order):

  1. He’s a good dad.  A REALLY REALLY REALLY good dad.
  2. He’s genuine.
  3. He loves his sister and would do anything for her.
  4. He came to see my dad after he had a heart attack even though we hadn’t really been hanging out for years.
  5. He knows about computers.
  6. He’s good with directions.  Unless I’m in the car.  For some reason, he misses exits when we’re together.
  7. He’s open minded.
  8. He keeps our lives fresh.  If it weren’t for him, I’d never leave Orange County.
  9. He had a picture of Dolly Parton on his computer as a kid.  That cracks me up to no end.
  10. He likes to collect things.
  11. No matter how busy he is, how stressed or upset he’s feeling, or what’s going on, if I smile at him when he’s walking towards me, he’ll smile back.  NO MATTER WHAT.
  12. He puts up with my personality deficiencies and loves me anyway.
  13. He teaches our daughter how to do things like float in the water, wave, and sign “more” in sign language.
  14. He has a broad chest.
  15. He lets me warm my cold feet on his in the winter.
  16. Every fantasy he has of running away or going somewhere includes me and our daughter.
  17. He went from hesitantly wanting one baby to twelve as soon as he held ours.
  18. He knows the difference between right and wrong and always chooses right.
  19. He hates singing but doesn’t hesitate when it comes to baby.
  20. He came to my college graduation even though he caught a lot of grief for it.
  21. If any of our parents need or want something, he will research it, buy it and help them learn how to use it.
  22. He’s smart.  Really really smart.  Like my-feeble-little-mind-can’t-keep-up-with-him smart.  And yet he tells me I’m smart without me feeling like he’s patronizing me.  Never once has he made feel stupid.  Well, maybe once but that was due to pregnancy/mommy brain and that was more my bad than his.
  23. He has beautiful brown smiley eyes.
  24. He’s the purple panther.
  25. His average height matches my average height.
  26. He works hard but makes it seem like it’s a piece of cake.
  27. He eats food I make and never complains.  He even claims to like it.
  28. He makes changes to improve his health.
  29. He processes what people tell him and will politely and respectfully point out when someone is wrong.  He doesn’t just take what people say at face value like I do.
  30. He’s patient and helps me with stuff that’s a pain in the neck.  Like setting up this blog or finding gdiapers.
  31. He actually thinks I’m good at stuff.
  32. He remembers how to play stuff on a piano despite not having played in a good 15-20 years.  Why is he playing again?  Because he wants to play with/for our baby.
  33. He’s an innovator/early adopter.
  34. He’s strong.
  35. He can run and run and run and run and be inspired by it rather than be tired by it.

I could go on (and on and on) but I think I’ve embarrassed him enough for now.  Happy happy 35th birthday, lovekin.  I love you and so does Neenu.

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