Meal Plan Monday – Week of 1/29/12

Last week we tried making vegan dinners all week.  It required more thought that I expected.  While we’re probably 90% vegetarian with our dinners, we use a whole lotta cheese and butter, it turns out.  So I was confused on what to make.  I tried a new recipe for avocado pasta (sounds like a strange combo, right???) that was DEEEE-licious.  If you like avocados, you’ll probably like this one.  It was so simple – the only ingredients were avocado, salt, pepper, cilantro and pasta.  Definitely a keeper.  My only complaint was that I used our blender to cream the avocado into a sauce and it was hard to get all the sauce out.  It looks a little funky since it’s a green sauce but it was really good – fast, filling, and relatively good for you.  Next, I tried a hot and spicy tofu recipe.  I don’t know how many dozens of tofu recipes I’ve made over the years because I haven’t been able to find a go-to spicy recipe that we actually like.  Well, I think I’ve finally found it on  Hubby thought it was a little on the sweet side so I’ll just cut back on the brown sugar next time.  Yay!  I also made a potato curry.  Frankly it sucked.  And I made a big mess while preparing it.  And it made my house smell for days on end afterwards.  The trifecta of a dinner failure.  Tossed that recipe out.  Well, figuratively, not literally.  What else did we make?  Oh!  Our usual quinoa bowls, but with vegetable broth and no cheese.  Friday we went out and Saturday we ended up going to Santa Barbara to see the in-laws.  I’m so proud of my husband for sticking to his vegan diet all week!

This week, we’re not eating 100% vegan but we are going to stick to vegetarian meals while going easy on the cheese(y).  So I’m still looking around for what types of things I can make and unfortunately we have some plans this week that will make it hard to eat at home.

Sunday:  Refrigerator clean up

Monday:  Hubby met up with a friend and baby and I had mac n’ cheese with veggies mixed in.  She seemed to like it but it looked like something in it was turning her cheeks red so I stopped feeding it to her and gave her some black beans instead.

Tuesday:  Vegetarian Chili

Wednesday:  Puff Pastry samosas

Thursday:  Vegan Pesto Pasta & Salad (or omlets, we’ll see)

Friday:  Hubby’s working late and has to be at the office – don’t know when he’ll be home.

Saturday:  Hoping to be out celebrating a friend’s birthday.

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