Happy Birthday Punkin!

I can’t believe it.  In a blink of an eye, my baby’s first year is already through.  What a fantastic year.  I’ve always been thankful for the things I have in life but I can’t recall a year in my life where I’ve felt so incredibly blessed.

When I was pregnant with Karina, I used to hear this song everyday on the way to work and usually on the way home too.  Call it hormones or whatever you want but I would dream about this beautiful little daughter of mine and how much I would love her.  This isn’t typical for me.  I’m an optimist but not so much a dreamer.  I’m rooted in my little reality and I’m a practical person.  But when it comes to my baby, I dream.  And I dream big.  So I used to think about her, not knowing what she’d look like or what it would feel like to see her face or hold her and just the hope of what she’d be got me through those stressful days at work.  I had high hopes and high expectations for this little critter.

Then she arrived.  January 10, 2011 at 6:27 pm in Newport Beach.  And she was perfect.  Over the following year, she became my best friend.  She was with me at virtually every moment of the last year.  Her laughter was the soundtrack to 2011.  And despite my optimistic nature and my big dreams for what she would be like, I underestimated her because she was more than I could have imagined.  Beautiful, not just her face, but her soul.  Her little soul gives me hope.

So now you know.  I’ve lost my marbles.  I’m not apologizing.

We took a lot of pictures this year.  More than any other year in the past, that’s for sure!  And while I don’t have a picture for every day, I grabbed one from every day I could and it ended up being about every third day.  I can’t believe how much she’s changed!  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song to use than that one that I used to dream to in my preggy days.  Happy happy birthday to our sweet little girl, Karina Omkar Nalamwar.  I cannot find words to explain.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Punkin!

  1. Happy first birthday to our sweet little grand daughter who brought so many sweet merories of our sweet daughter. We enjoy the every moment we can spend with her. She brings so much happyness in our lives. She cheers up her great grand ma.
    You have great day.
    Love you so much
    Ba Dada and Dadi.

  2. Happy Birthday Karina! I love her name, btw. I found your blog through the Jan birth club on BBC 🙂 I read your second post down, and I have to say, I TOTALLY know how you feel. And even though they were crappy things that happened, the last one about the pants was pretty hilarious 🙂 Good thing you weren’t at the grocery store when it happened! LOL

  3. Wow! What a great video. It really covers everything that Karina does. We are very happy that Nilam documented Karina’s major milestones (turning on the side, crawling and finally walking!). Well some how we need to see how many teeth Karina has by the end of one year. We know, we had seen at least two sharp ones!
    Congratulations to Omkar and Nilam for being so loving and caring parents.
    May Karina be blessed with a long, healthy life filled with happiness, joy, abundance of material things, long lasting parental (and grandparental also) love and blissful intellect to enjoy it all.

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