Meal Plan Monday – December 19, 2011

Holy guacamole!  Only six more days til Christmas!  Yikes.  I still have a few more presents to buy, some cookies to bake, and some holiday decorating to do.  Eh, it’ll all work out.  It always does.  Like every year, I think my poor father-in-law is going to be the big loser in the gift department.  I never know what to get for him.  He’s such a good sport about it though.  Always smiles, never complains.

We did well last week in the eat-at-home department.  Made dinner six nights in a row!  We had  Arroz con Pollo, soup and sandwiches, crispy seitan with Mac n’Cheese and an heirloom tomato salad, vegetarian chili, enchiladas, and homemade pizza.  Ya us! Everything tasted good this last week, it was awesome.  It’s fun to eat food that you like!  The heirloom tomato salad was delish – just avocados and tomatoes with a dressing the was bleh.  But the tomatoes and avocados were just so delicious that really all they needed was a little salt and pepper.  Sooooo good.  The seitan turned out tasty too.  Good week for us.

This week we have some social stuff going on so we’re eating away from home some:

Sunday:  Broccoli Rabe Sausage Parmesan Pasta – took this over to SIL’s house.  They made a salad and some dessert and we called it a meal.

Monday:  Vegetarian Quiche

Tuesday:  Garden Burger Melts and Fries

Wednesday: Quinoa bowls

Thursday:  Hubby has poker night

Friday:  Going to a holiday party

Saturday:  Going over to my mom’s for a family get together.

It’s my baby’s first Christmas!!!!  Happy holidays everyone!

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