Tips for Traveling with Baby – In the Plane

Time for the third installment of Tips for Traveling with Baby, this time we’re talking about what to do when you’re on the plane.  By now, you’ve packed your suitcase and your baby bag, made it through checking in and security and have even gotten your stroller’s gate check tag.  Phew!  You’re almost there!

Time to board that plane.  Once you’ve handed your boarding pass along with baby’s boarding pass to the gate agent, you’ll need to leave your stroller (if you’ve brought it with you) at the end of the jetway, folded down.  Make your way to your seat and get comfortable (or as comfortable as possible).  If the flight is not full, see if you can get a seat that has an empty seat next to you if you didn’t purchase a ticket for your baby.

Alright, truth is I don’t have a ton of tips for the plane.  So I’m gonna stop playin’ like I have a ton to say and share what little shizdom I do have.

  1. Feed the baby on the way up and especially on the way down.  If you can’t or it doesn’t make sense to feed little punkin, take a pacifier with you and give it to them to help clear their ears.  Otherwise poor thing will suffer.
  2. Take several little toys to keep baby occupied.  I keep a bunch of little toys in a ziploc bag and keep that in my diaper bag.  Sometimes I just hand her the bag still closed.  She’s interested in all the different things inside the bag and tries to open the bag and it keeps her busy.  Said toys will likely end up on the floor but that’s ok.  Which brings us to #3:
  3. Take your wipes out and put them in the pocket in front of you.  Just comes in handy
  4. Have some easy to eat snacks ready at all times.  I don’t know what kind of calming crack they put in Cheerios but they have lulled my daughter to a calm many times.  Cheerios, puffs, baby mum-mums, teething biscuits, fruit…anything quick and easy.  Have it.
  5. Remember that your baby comes first.  Your child will cry.  Or squeal in delight.  Or poop and make things stinky.  Other passengers may shoot you dirty looks.  BUT there are also a bunch of passengers who have kids and understand and sympathize and actually find your baby adorable.  The sound of your little one’s wails will seem ear shattering but really it’s probably not as loud as it seems.  Take care of your child first.  Worry about everyone else later.

Have a great flight!

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