Meal Plan Monday – November 28, 2011

Planning this week’s menu just isn’t nearly as exciting as last week.  Thanksgiving was fun.  Not that this week won’t be, it’s just…not as much fun.  BUT we splurged on some sugar and fell off a few wagons this weekend and it’s time to claw our way back on.

Surprisingly, we’re pretty much done with all our Thanksgiving leftovers.  We had some help from our family and I’m happy to say I didn’t totally overdo it with portions this year.  Hooray!

Busy week for the Crunchy Family.  Miss K, Grandma, and I are headed to Portland on Wednesday and won’t be back til Friday.  Mr. CrunchyCake unfortunately has to attend a funeral in Northern California so it’s not your typical week.

Sunday: Homemade Pizza

Monday: Yellow Curry Tofu & Salad

Tuesday:  Bean Burritos & Kale (Yes, I know that’s a weird combo but I need to use up some Kale I bought!)

Wednesday:  We’re both traveling so we’ll be eating out

Thursday: Still on the road, so eating out

Friday: Must play this one by ear.  We should be home at a decent time but I don’t know how tired we’ll be.  If I can make dinner, I will make something easy like Mac n Cheese with a broccoli, tomato, and avocado salad

Saturday:  Eggrolls (let’s hope I finally get to these!)

So there’s still a chance we could meet our goal of four dinners at home, despite the travel.  We’ll see!  What’s for dinner at your place?

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