Fall gStyles are Out!

The new fall gStyles are out and they are oh so adorable!  I’m impressed.  I like both styles better than the ones from the spring and I liked those quite a bit – they were great!  I wasn’t too impressed with the fall colors that came out.  They were cute but I didn’t feel like I really wanted any of them.  They were Gentle Taupe, Good Fortune Red, and Globetrotter Blue:

The prints were nice, though.  I bought both the game day and the garden party but haven’t opened the maroon and blue game day.

Last night, gdiapers released the gStreet and the gTweet.  Holy crap – soooo cute.

I like the way their outfits are made to match a bunch of different gdiapers, not just the official print.  This helps with babies like mine who like to poop and leak on their fanciest, most expensive gdiapers.  It lets you still wear the outfit without feeling like you’re doing it an injustice by not matching.

I love that gstreet and even though I don’t have a boy, I’m buyin’ it.  Just in case one day.  Ya, I know that’s a little nutso.  Whatev.  Turns out gdiapers still make me weak.  If I don’t have a boy, I’ll sell it or give it as a gift.  I just really like it, especially that argyle-y gStreet dipe.  Cute cute cute.

At any rate, nicely done, gDiapers!  Love it!

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