How is it that I still think she’s cute?

Just in the last 48 hours, Miss K. has pooped blueberry poop on the carpet (then tracked it through her room), spit her eggs on the floor, barfed some sort of liquid on my freshly changed shirt, ground my nipple between her gums – just for kicks – she was done eating, has rubbed oatmeal in her hair, yanked my hair, slobbered on my face, yanked my glasses off, and burped in my face.  And yet I find her to be the most delightful, delicious, cutest being on this gorgeous planet we call Earth.  How is that possible?  She’s seriously abused me in the worst ways and I’m exhausted – you should have seen the fight  she gave tonight.  Kicked on the way from the tub to the bed.  Rolled over while I was trying to dry her.  Fidgeted while I tried to put lotion on her.  Rolled and crawled away while I tried to put coconut oil on her bottom.  Rolled the other direction and almost fell off the bed while I tried to put the diaper on.  Screamed and fussed as I put on her jammies.  Tried to grab the comb and shook her head frantically as I tried to comb her hair.  You get the picture…but just know that before I put her down to bed I also had to get her in her sleep sack and read her a couple books.  And yet I find her to be the most delightful, delicious, cutest being on this gorgeous planet we call Earth.  How is this possible?  Well, first, she has this face, see…

Then, she has this personality…in the last 48 hours, she has also snuggled me and hugged me and crawled to me to give and get affection.  She’s opened her little mouth and leaned forward like a little birdie in a nest when she was ready for a bite of food.  She touched my face when I was nursing her.  She laid her head on my shoulder.  She looked for me frantically for a moment and then smiled when she saw me.  She stood for 10 seconds like a big girl.  She attacked a stuffed animal with love and looked like she was in ecstasy hugging it.  She hugged my husband’s legs and I swear she said Dada.  She cheered at the lunch table.  She snuggled my mom and took my grandma’s weariness away.  And she’s ours.  All ours.

Happy Ten Month Birthday, puddin’ pie.  I love you more than you words will ever describe.

In other exciting EXCITING news, my sister-in-law went in to the hospital to have her baby!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!  I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do with myself.  So I’m going to make her some macaroons.  WTH?  Can’t wait for my nephew to arrive.  We love you sister bear!  Today was a darn good day.  Tomorrow the world will be better.  He will be here.

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