Using fewer plastic bags

Now that we’ve been trying for a month, I thought it would be a good time to do an update on #2 on the LIST – Reduce the number of one-time use plastic bags we use.  This one has been going surprisingly well.  In October, my goal was to use 15 bags or less.  I believe we used only SEVEN bags:

  • One from Target for some books I bought for my daughter
  • One from The LEGO store – I was chatting with the cashier and didn’t even realize that he handed me a bag.  This one really chapped my hide because I didn’t even need it!  It was just one little box that I could have put in the stroller basket!  Argh.
  • Bags that came with our take-out meals – probably about 5 times.  Eep.

After about a week of this, I realized I needed to have some more rules around this goal.  I decided that it’s ok if my husband brings bags in if I’m not with him – I’m not trying to shove my stuff down his throat but the good news is that I know he’s giving it an earnest try to avoid bags – I know he said “I don’t need a bag” a couple times this month.  I encourage him to take bags with him to the grocery store and he does.  Yay him!

The first week, I actually didn’t have my reusable produce bags so I took plastic bags that I had from before back to the market and reused them.  I felt a little funny but it was no big deal; the cashier didn’t even seem to notice that some weren’t their bags. I had bought 10 of them and that seems to be enough for us so far.  If I need more, I might try to make some with my mom with some tulle.

I’ve also been keeping and using the reusable bags I bought in my purse/diaper bag.  They’ve really come in handy and I like the way they look – so that encourages me to use them!  Score!  I think it was a good buy.

It’s funny – Even though I say “I don’t need a bag for that” to cashiers, I’m surprised at how often they start stuffing my items into a bag anyway.  It’s just habit, I guess.  So sometimes I have to interrupt them and remind them.  It’s working!


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