The Snowball Effect

You know how when one thing in your life gets knocked out of whack, it seems like everything else starts to follow suit?  That’s how it’s felt for the last week or so and it’s crazy how much of it is related to the LIST.  As I mentioned earlier, I pulled a muscle in my back last week.  This led me to fall off the wagon and throw my goals of eating less fast food and drinking less soda out the window.  Which then led me to the drive-thru, where the fry prince and princesses handed us more one-time use bags that we’re trying to avoid.  Since we ate out, I wasn’t able to stick to my goal of cooking at home four days a week.  Which led me to throw away more food from the refrigerator.  And because I’m trying to recycle more and throw away less, I was required to scoop out expired foods from their plastic containers so that the containers could be recycled.  Sheesh.  Everything just snowballed into one big crazy ass goal buster.

The crazy part about all this?  If I had just pursued my goal of exercising, the likelihood of this injury would have been far less.  Seriously, I think this crazy ass snowball is a sign.  I just need to actually do what I’m supposed to be doing.  My life would be so much better if I just did what was on the list.  I’ve always been goal oriented.  Let’s do this.

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