Update Sunday – October 16, 2011

We did a pretty good job sticking to the menu this week.  Made Pad Thai with a salad on the side for dinner on Monday after eating out on Sunday.  The salad is a tried and true, so no surprises there.  The pad thai, on the other hand, threw me for a loop.  I went to the market at like 3:00 on Monday, with no real plan on what we’d eat and a really skimpy grocery list. I half thought we’d just eat out but I came across some pad thai noodles and some pad thai simmer sauce.  Eh, why not?  So I threw together the noodles, some crushed peanuts, tofu, green onions, and scrambled an egg in the pan.  Mixed in the sauce and voila – dinner. I thought it sucked but my husband liked it!  Only thing was I think there was too many noodles for the amount of sauce, so next time I’ll cut back on the noodles.  Tuesday we had enchiladas, no big deal there.  Was in a rush so didn’t make guacamole.  Mixed around the days a bit and made shells and cheese with an avocado, tomato, broccoli, and cucumber salad on the side on Wednesday.  Husband picked up dinner on Thursday and we tried the pesto grilled cheese sandwiches along with soup on Friday.  They were ok but we used store bought pesto, which wasn’t great.  Saturday I made black bean burgers for the first time.  I started with this basic recipe but made some modifications.  I bought slider buns and made the mix into eight small sliders instead of four burgers.  Panko breadcrumbs were more accessible to me so I used those instead of normal breadcrumbs.  Also made a chipotle mayo and added it, along with a slice of tomato and a 1/4 of a slice of provolone to the burger.  Baked some fries in the toaster oven and called it a meal.  The mayo was a bit overwhelming and the burgers were a bit dry because of the panko but otherwise these were ok.

Didn’t get around to making the sweet potato, lentils or quinoa for baby but she did have everything else as well as peas.  She also had khichadi again this week.  I think it’s good for her – lentils provide protein and we throw in peas and spinach to up the nutritional value.  Ya!  That means we ate dinner at home FIVE days this week – we can check off #5 on the LIST – Eat homemade meals eat least 4 days a week.

I was sick this week, which is another bring-er on-er of bad eating habits.  My goal for October is to only have fast food once a week and soda once a week.  I craved bad food and soda all week.  But I made it. I had Arby’s on Monday for lunch, which included a Dr. Pepper (naturally) so I blew my cheats all in one bad girl meal at the beginning of the week.  I will say though, this was the first week that I really thought was tough with the soda challenge.  I didn’t need the fast food because I had plenty of foods prepared for lunch and had a plan for dinner.  So yay me.  I still want a Dr. Pepper today but haven’t had one yet.  We get a smiley face for this week because we can also check off meeting the goals for #10 on the LIST – Limit fast food and #11 – Limit soda.

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