Electric Vehicle Tidbits

Some cool tidbits about electric vehicles and Nissan LEAFs:

On Sunday, October 16, Plug In America, Electric Auto Association and Sierra Club are celebrating National Plug In Day around the country.  Here in Orange County, Plug In America is hosting a Tailgate without Tailpipes Meet-up and Drive-away from 1-3 pm at the Orange Public Library parking.  Check out details at http://www.pluginamerica.org/pluginday/orange-county.

Two cool articles in the New York Times about Nissan LEAFs and LEAFers who take things into their own hands to make the experience better:

This one mentions a few folks my husband interacts with.  A few of the folks we’ve met through the Nissan LEAF enthusiast get-togethers are really really nice people.


This one gives kudos to Nissan for trying to achieve some customer intimacy with LEAF drivers to understand what they want and improve their product:


And finally, here’s the awesome view that we saw when we pulled into the LAX electric vehicle charge area.  How exciting to see so many electric vehicles.  And this was the side that didn’t have the chargers.  Made us so happy.  Ours would be the one with the stroller behind it and we’re parked next to a Tesla.  I’ve only seen two of those out and about.  And it’s been nice seeing LEAFs on the road; I see at least two a week (besides ours of course), which is awesome.




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