My baby kinda looks like…

In the top navigation, I have a page called “My baby kinda looks like…”  It’s where I can put silly comparisons or captions next to pictures of my baby to amuse myself.  Well, this one is a little long so I decided to make a post out of it.  Here we go.  My baby kinda looks like…

…a calculating primal beast hunting her prey.

…She eats avians…

…she stalks even the largest of mammals.  Whales beware.

..she devours equines (actually are giraffes equines?  I don’t think so. Whatevs.  I’m going with it).  And then she smiles coyly……I wonder where she gets it from.

…she inhales felines like they’re nuthin’ 

…sometimes she dons the carcasses of past victims and pretends to be one of the locals..

…Porcines are no match either.  Just look at the ferocity.  Truly savage.

Look out.  YOU may be next.

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