Update Sunday – October 2, 2011

Updated how we did against last week’s goals:

#11 – No Soda

#10 – No Fast food

Meal Plan

I’ll update how I’m doing against the single use bag goal at the end of the month.

Was an interesting week this week.  Ate dinner at home SIX times this week – yay!  And only ate out twice the entire week!  Hubby ate at home four times (he was out at poker night one night and traveling another)!  Not too shabby.  Had one soda and a fast food run once this week, just had a bad lunch on Monday.  Miss K is going through some nighttime sleep difficulties and this has left me worn out, both physically and mentally.  It’s times like these that I look to (bad) food.  So it was tough resisting the drive-thru this week but I did it.

I guess I was still looking to compensate because instead I binged on sugar.  I’m not so proud of this but I had about 500 calories in candy on Thursday.  On Saturday I went to a donut shop and had a chocolate cake donut.  Ok fine I had two.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.  Now that I’ve been writing about this, it’s incredible how clearly my emotions correlate with my poor food choices.  Which two nights were the hardest this week with Miss K?  Naturally Wednesday and Friday.  Not a coincidence that the following days I made poor food choices.  At least if I understand it, I can do something about it.  Due to the sugar overload, this week I get a straight face.


Let’s see how this week goes.

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