So far today…(tribute to the pioneer woman)

Just read The Pioneer Woman‘s blog post this afternoon and thought to myself – I like that.  My days aren’t nearly as funny as hers and I can’t write as well as her, but here goes:

1.  Heard my sweet pea whine at 1:45.  Went in to see her standing in her crib.  Geez Louise…go to sleep, you nut job.  Considered letting her cry it out and didn’t have the heart.

2.  Picked up baby, rocked her for a few and then lay her back down.  Returned to my room and laid down.

3.  Heard her wail again and gracefully muttered explicative of choice.  Returned to her room.

4.  What happened next is a bit of a blur.  I remember lying down with her.  Then trying to put her back in her crib.  Then rocking her…somehow I ended up sleeping in her room and she was in her crib.

5.  Baby cried again at 5:10.  Rocked, nursed and tried to go back to sleep.  Didn’t work.  Decided it was time to wake up and play so went downstairs to do just that.  Pretended that lying on the floor under the blanket with baby crawling all over me was a game and not just a ploy to catch some z’s.

6.  Saw baby rub her eyes and tried putting her back down.  Success!

7.  Saw hubby – why is he wearing a casual-ish shirt to work when he’s supposed to be in a button up shirt?  Oh right, we forgot to pick up the dry cleaning this weekend.  Add it to the list.

8.  Wasted time doing the crossword puzzle, facebook, emails, etc.  Took a shower as fast as I could cuz I knew she was waking up.  Why don’t I just take a shower first???

9  Nursed baby again, made some screwy concoction of avocados and cereal and fed it to her.  She seemed to dig it.  Sweet.

10.  Cleaned her up and headed out the door.  Picked up drycleaning (11 shirts in one hand, baby in the other), heard a song on the radio that made me cry cuz I’m so lucky to have baby.  Snuck (is that a word?  Sneaked?) a peek at baby in the rear view mirror every chance I could.  Again, I’m so lucky.  Dropped off some mail at the post office, went to one market and maneuvered through people of every ethnicity possible.  Then went to another…baby started crying at the second so forgot the chocolate chips (doh – how’s Mr. Crunchycake going to eat his oatmeal now???).  Drove through the drive thru and picked up some lunch.

11.  Parked in the garage and debated on if I should take her out or not.  Decided not – she needs her sleep, ran inside to grab laptop and surfed and ate in the car while she slept peacefully in the back seat.  Really.  What’s wrong with me?  Don’t worry –  it was nice and cool and there was sufficient air circulation.

12.  Baby woke up, way past her lunchtime cuz she slept.  Hungry hungry hungry.  Made her bottle and fed her.

13.  Baby starts to grunt – should I try???  Run upstairs to her bathroom and she goes poo poo on the big potty, amusing both she and I to no end.  No cleaning up a dirty diaper for me.  No sitting in a mess for her!  Win-win!

14.  Decide to give her peaches for lunch in her mesh feeder.  Debate on whether that’s enough of a meal.  Look at that sticky girl and think “why did I do this?” and decide that we’re already in, let’s go all in…start cutting up a banana and put it on her tray.  Watch her eat/drop/throw/smash said banana and wonder how much she actually consumed.  Where the heck is her sippy cup?  It was just here.  And why on god’s green earth is her mesh feeder (with some peaches still in it, by the way) behind her back, getting smooshed?  Find no less than six pieces of banana under her thighs.  How is this possible?

15.  Currently looking at her, the table, my pants and everything else sticky caked with bananas and peaches.  She’s smiling at me.  It’s a good life I live.  Really.

That’s it so far.

We’ll see how the afternoon goes.


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