Meal Plan Monday – Week of September 18th

Since we were out of town this weekend, I wasn’t able to go to the farmers market.  So we’re doing the same thing as last week, going to the market and getting what we need. Hope I can kinda stick to it this weekl  Outside of the green chile stew, no new recipes.  We were in Albuquerque this weekend and I’m inspired – I love LOVE the food there so I’m going to try to make a stew.  Here’s the plan:

Sunday:  Garlic, onion, spinach, cheese and tomato omelettes  (simple but filling and we had all the ingredients on hand)

Monday:  Crispy Seitan and Spinach Salad (Have ingredients from last week but didn’t make this)

Tuesday:  Green Chile Stew and Sandwiches

Wednesday: Pizza & Salad (a staple at our house)

Thursday: Quinoa Bowls

Friday: Eat Out

Saturday:  Burritos

Miss K this week will have oatmeal, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, quinoa and peas, blueberries, banana and avocado, zucchini, and plums

I’ve also decided that it’s time to start working on items number 10 and 11 on the LIST.  I am going to ease into this.  I’m going to start with setting a goal of fast food only once a week and soda only once a week.  I was originally going to try to avoid caffeine but that’s proving to be difficult as Miss K has been sending me to the land of zombies with sleepless nights.  This week’s goal/commitment – fast food only once and soda only once.  Fast food in my book is anything with a drive-thru – McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-e, In-N-Out, Del Taco, etc.  These are my weaknesses because it’s just so easy with the baby to run through the drive thru.  But they’re just oh so bad for me.  I have a feeling my once a week fast food fix will include the soda, kill two unhealthy birds with one stone, I guess.

Wish me luck!

Update – How did we do?

I think we did pretty good, for the most part.  Sunday we had omelettes and Monday we had crispy seitan and salad as planned.  I burned the seitan a little but it was still pretty good; it ends up tasting like chicken nuggets but they’re vegetarian.  I made the green chili stew on Tuesday but skipped the sandwiches.  I thought it was pretty tasty although it turned out on the spicy side, and that’s even after I had cut the recipe’s call for four serrano peppers in half.  Crazy.  The stew served as lunch for several days of the week, though, so that was nice.  Made pizza and salad with my sister-in-law who’s preggers and adorable.  That’s where we stopped adhering to the plan.  We went out to dinner on Thursday and Saturday (Saturday was date night – Miss K. entertained her grandparents and their friends while we went out) and went to a friend’s house for dinner on Friday (which still counts as a home-cooked meal!).  So the final tally is homemade food five nights this week – success!  And I cleared out a whole bunch of stuff from the refrigerator!

Miss K. did have oatmeal, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, blueberries, banana and avocado.  Also worked in some mixed grain cereal.  Instead of quinoa and peas, she had zucchini and quinoa with cumin, and had no plums but did have peaches.  She seemed to like the quinoa ok since she likes the taste of zucchini but struggled a little with the texture.  I tried again today and she ate some more.  She’s getting it little by little.  All in all, a pretty good week of eating at home.

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