New gDiapers!

gDiapers released two new designs yesterday and they’re both cutie cutie.  Check them out (Garden Party and Game Day)

I actually like the boy print more than the girl print.  I think I might just buy both.  Because, again, I am an addict.  And by the way, my husband is totally an enabler.  He says things like – “Just buy one of everything in both medium and large” and “gDiapers really are cuter than disposables” and “How come we don’t have a good vibes?” I wish my baby could be in a gDiapers ad.  That might just send me over the edge.  Here are the colors I have (goddess pink, gflutter, gcamper, great orange, guppy green, grateful red, goo goo blue, gooseberry purple, gaga pink, grubby knees gray, galactic blue, golly molly pink, goodnight blue, genuine vanilla):

These I have in large and can’t use yet.  I should probably trade or sell them instead of just letting them sit around in baby’s drawer (good morning sunshine yellow, girly girl ruffle, gaga):

That girly girl ruffly makes my heart ache.  I almost wish my babe’s butt was a little bigger so she could fit in that gpant.  It’s discontinued so it’s hard to come by one that’s new in her size that doesn’t cost more than $40.  Seriously, folks.  People sell these things for more than $40, used.  I don’t buy them for that much because although I’m addicted, I have my limits. Here are the colors I think I might still want, even though I have more than I need (glacier and galley blues):

You’ll notice there are a lot of blues.  I love blue.  It’s my favorite color.  And one day I hope to have a boy in addition to my sweet Miss K.  Maybe then the  goo-goo, goodnight, galactic, gcamper, and game day will be more appropriate, although I have to say, my girl can really rock some blue.

I also want a good earth but that was a limited edition print of the past and you can only get them from other moms.  I thought I bought one but it turned out I got scammed.  This crazy chick sold the same pant to at least three of us.  Luckily I got my money back since I purchased through paypal and filed a dispute.  What a nut.  Seriously, you’re going to scam people $20 at a time over diapers?!?

4 thoughts on “New gDiapers!

  1. I was wondering do you still have the following in large. Flutter ruffle and gaga…also by chance do you have garden? I’m interested in buying the lot. Just let me know how much you want. I’ve been looking everywhere…..thanks so much Kimberly

    • Hi Kimberly. I do have a large ruffle, gaga, and a garden party but my little one is just now moving into larges so we’re still using them. We’re also expecting baby #2 so I’m going to be holding on to these for a while longer if this one turns out to be a girl too. Sorry! Good luck finding these.

    • I do – I actually now have most of those that pictured here but my second daughter is about to move into mediums so none of them are for sale right now. It’s ridiculous how addictive collecting these diapers are, huh? 🙂

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